Market Vendor cries foul

A St. George’s market vendor who engages in selling food is crying foul over a decision taken by the Ministry of Works to demolish a section of the booth that he constructed by himself.

James Cadore who is one of the proprietors of Selma and James Tasty Foods told reporters on Tuesday that he decided to construct a barricade around the booth for environmental purposes.

Cadore said when he was relocated to the booth after it was provided to him following completion of refurbishment work on a section of the Market Square, he felt it was not appropriate for him to serve food to guests in an open space.

The food vendor admitted that he was spoken to by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Javan Williams to refrain from constructing the barricade.

However, he said that he had no contract stating that he cannot engage in that process, adding that, “for environment reason and health reason, I barred it round”.

According to Cadore, it cost him approximately $6,000.00 to construct the barricade and he only knew of the ministry’s decision to demolish the construction while he was at another section serving breakfast.

He spoke of doing food vending at the market for the past 18 years.

The refurbishment of the St. George’s is a project that is being funded by the Government of Venezuela.

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