The $25,000.00 winner with Digicel

A Road officer with government, Joseph Francois of Mirabeau, St Andrew is the $25,000.00 winner of the Digicel “Crack the Code” Promotion.

Joseph Francois cracked the code to become $25,000.00 richer

Francois after undergoing three rounds of nerve-racking competitions that eliminated 10 of 20 competitors defeated his 10 rivals by selecting the golden key that opened a vault.

The winner told The New Today newspaper that while he came to the competition with some kind of hope, he did not believe that he would have walked away with the much-needed money.

The promotion was launched in March and the lucky 20 were selected from among top up and postpaid bill customers.

The Government employee said that the money could not have come at a better time, as he needs to clear up some important bills.

Francois disclosed that this was the first time he had won something in his life and was happy about it.

With the “Crack the Code” competition now ended, Digicel has now launched its major Christmas 2012 Promotions – “SMILE”.

This latest promotion will give every prepaid customer something to really smile about once they top up as specified in the promotion.

Appropriately named the ‘SMILE’ promotion, each letter of the word gives a clue to what service is highlighted and what is available for the customer by way of valuable bonus.

The ‘S’ in smile is intended to produce a smile for those who like to text they get free SMS, ‘M’ represents the Magic Number that special person a customer wants to share the benefit of their free credit with, ‘I’ is for International calls that the customer receives free, ‘L’ points to free Local Calls that can be shared with friends and family within the Digicel family and ‘E’ is the Extra bonus credit that can be used on any Digicel service.

In commenting on the new SMILE promotion, Country Manager of Digicel, Patricia Maher said, “this exciting promotion gives even more value to our customers and each customer has the power to choose how they will enjoy it, whether with that special someone or with their entire call list.”

“When it comes to innovation, Digicel has always led the way, this is another exciting promotion that is designed to keep our customers smiling,” she added.

Access to the SMILE Promotion is only available upon the first top up of the day.

While this promotion is in affect the FREE After 5 and Free Weekends will still be applicable for Digicel customers who choose not to join the SMILE Promotion.

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