G’da responds to Sandy

The Government of Grenada has empathized with the Government and people of the Caribbean Islands hit by Hurricane Sandy resulting in the loss of life and destruction to property, livestock and infrastructure.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas expressed condolences on the multiple deaths left in the wake of the storm, saying that Grenada knows only too well the devastating effects of a hurricane.

“Grenada is fully aware of the kind of devastation that can be caused due to Hurricanes and the serious damage that is sustained during the passage of these powerful weather systems”, he said.

To that end, the Prime Minister has offered Grenada’s support and assistance in whatever way possible in the recovery effort.

“The Government and People of Grenada will additionally join in the regional efforts of our CARICOM Brothers and Sisters, in providing relief assistance and aid to the Government and People of Cuba during this time of Hurricane sustained damage and destruction”, he remarked.

Sandy swept through the Caribbean first as a tropical storm, upgrading to as much as a category two hurricane, leaving scores dead and extensive damage and destruction especially in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

It was dubbed a “superstorm” as it swept through the Eastern United States on Monday leaving behind damages estimated in the billions.
On Monday, Prime Minister Thomas, praying for the safety of locals living in the U.S, urged Grenadians in the Diaspora residing in the path of the storm, to heed all warnings and advisories and to relocate to safety if necessary.

Political Leader of the main opposition, New National Party (NNP), Dr. Keith Mitchell also expressed sympathy to all those who were affected by the Killer hurricane.

“…The entire (NNP) Executive and members wish to re-iterate our sympathy to the families and friends of those who would have lost loved ones during the passage of hurricane “Sandy” through Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, The Bahamas and several U.S  cities over the past several days.

“We empathise with the Governments and people of these countries and we feel the pain and loss which they have sustained and suffered during the passage of this terrible hurricane.

“We particularly empathize with our Grenadian brothers and sisters in the New York area and other U.S cities who have had to endure the trauma of this most devastating hurricane.

“Our prayers and best wishes go out to each and every one of you in this time of great difficulty and discomfort.

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