New addition to milk promotion

The Hubbard’s/Friesland Dutch Lady milk promotion added a new iniative to its activities which was launched last week Wednesday.

This new initiative seeks to attract students at the forms four and five levels who do Food and Nutrition in order to build awareness of the ‘Dutch Lady’ Milk and to enhance students’ preparedness for the CXC practical Food and Nutrition examinations.

The 2012 Promotion involves Friesland Campiga Export, producer of the milk along with its local agent, Hubbards, and the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

Speaking at the launch, Curriculum Development Officer Home Economics in the Ministry of Education, Pamela Courtney, disclosed that the competition is organised in two rounds, the first being a semi-final with all schools and then a final round comprising seven selected schools to take place at the Westerhall Secondary School.

Courtney said that all participating schools are required to select a team of two to four students, participants will be given food items in a “mystery” basket, which they must use in the preparation of their dishes.

In addition, the participants are required to make use of the Dutch lady milk (as the main sponsor) in all their products.

She indicated that the competition would be judged on criteria such as creative use of ingredients, hygiene, taste and texture of dishes, technical skills, and presentation.

Deputy Chief Education Officer for Curriculum Development in the Ministry of Education, Andrea Phillip, voiced support for the initiative as she sees potential, possibility and promise in the competition as it can create ideas and the possibility for entrepneurship among students.

She applauded Hubbards for the project and was looking forward to see how the competition will challenge students to write and be creative in the kitchen.

Customers of Dutch Lady products will also have an opportunity to win prizes during the Wee FM Mid-Morning Journey programme.

An Essay competition, which will be one aspect of the contest, will be held for the second consecutive year with minor changes.

The topic for the essay competition is “Why should milk be part of the daily diet? And unlike last year, participating students will have to write their essay under supervision from the schools in an allotted time. A two weeks time frame will be given for research before essays are written.

According to the Manager of Hubbards’ Agency Department, Margaret Roberts, the essay competition is open to all students from all grades at the primary level and all forms at the secondary level.
The essay should be between 350 and 400 words for students of primary schools and 500 and 600 words for those at the secondary level.

One requirement is that every entry must be accompanied with proof of purchase of any size of Dutch Lady Milk Powder.

Essays will be judged on health facts, content, grammar, clarity, paragraph, sequence and legibility.

Prizes for the essay competition are as follows: Secondary School: 1st Prize  – one laptop computer; 2nd Prize  – a $500 voucher; 3rd Prize  – a $300 voucher.

Primary School: 1st Prize  – one note book computer; 2nd Prize  – a $500 voucher; 3rd Prize  – a $300 voucher.

Prizes for the Culinary Competition are as follows: 1st prize – Consol Cooker; 2nd Prize – Blender; 3rd Prize – Microwave; 4th Prize – Cake Mixer; 5th Prize – Oven Toaster; 6th Prize – 7 pc. Pot Set; and 7th Prize – 4 pc Baking set.

All participants will receive certificates and Dutch lady products and the school that wins the competition will also receive a challenge trophy to be kept after three consecutive wins.

The promotion will run from October 26 to December 18.

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