School Girl charged with Murder

A 13-year old Happy Hill Secondary School Girl has been charged with murder.

The Form One Student is accused of inflicting a single stab wound to the neck of 17-year old Alex Gabriel of Perdmontemps, St. David’s who is a Form Five Student at the same school last week Wednesday.

An autopsy report revealed that Gabriel died as a result of hypovolemic shock, and laceration to the carotid artery and jugular vein.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper was reliably informed that the incident arose out of a quarrel in which both students were engaged inside of a classroom.

A source who wishes to remain anonymous said the 13-year old who was on her lunch break went to purchase chocolate from Gabriel but did not have sufficient money.

This lead to a heated argument between both students, and in the process Gabriel was allegedly stabbed by the 13-year old with a knife.

Gabriel ran after receiving the stab wound before collapsing face down in a pool of blood in the corridor, close to the door of Classroom Nutmeg “C.”

As a result of the recent amendments made to the Criminal Code, the 13-year old who is being represented by Defense Counsel Derick Sylvester has been charged with Non-capital murder.

She appeared before Chief Magistrate Her Honour, Tamara Gill last week Friday and was remanded to the Richmond Hill Prisons until November 5 when she is due to return to court.

If convicted, the young student is liable to imprisonment for life.

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