Police Officer is injured

A Police Officer who is attached to the Grenville Police Station in St. Andrew’s was attacked by a pregnant woman last week Friday while in the line of duty.

The Police Constable together with other Police Officers were at the time executing a search warrant at the home of Jenny Samuel at Conference, St. Andrew’s.

At the time of visiting the house, Samuel was not at home. However, the Police Officers read the warrant to her 20-year old daughter Jeniza who was at home with a 14-year old student.

A high level source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper, Jeniza who tried to prevent the police from searching the house allegedly untied two dogs inciting them to attack the Policemen while using obscene language in the presence of the lawmen.

In their defense, one of the dogs was shot by the police resulting in the 20-year old who is pregnant becoming very outraged.

This newspaper learnt that the mother returned home and allegedly punched one of the Police Officers on his head.

According to the source, the mother proceeded to arm herself with a cutlass which was used to allegedly cut the Police Officer on the left side of his abdomen and chest.

The Police Constable who was treated at the St. George’s General Hospital received nine stitches to the wound.

All three female members of the house were arrested and charged for the offenses of wounding, use of obscene language, damage to property, and inciting a dangerous dog to attack.

They were all placed on bail in the sum of $3,000.00 each with one surety.

Speculation is rife that a high-ranking member of the Royal Grenada Police Force might be linked to some members of the arrested family.

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