House fire claims life

Winston DaBreo – perished in a house fire

A middle-aged man from Dougladston in Gouyave, St. John’s perished in a house fire last week Saturday night.

The remains of the body of 65-year old Winston Da Breo who is known as “Jackel” was discovered on the floor of the wooden house that was completely destroyed by fire.

The house in which Da Breo was found, is one of two houses that were destroyed by fire in the neighbourhood simultaneously.

Neighbours went to the assistance of another elderly man who occupied the other house that was burnt. However, they were unable to rescue Da Breo from the flames that had already engulfed the other house.

No one was in a position to give the cause of the fire.

The Dougladston house fire took place hours after another house fire occurred in the south of the island.

The fire which took place at Fenton Village, St. George’s destroyed a ply-wood house mid-afternoon on Saturday.

Although the cause of the fire is unknown, fingers are being pointed at a young boy who was left alone at home by his mother earlier that day.

Neighbours first noticed smoke emanating from the house before the young boy was seen running out while claiming that he had nothing to do with the fire.

Meanwhile, a 32-year old farmer of Rivulet Lane in Grenville, St. Andrew’s has been charged with the offense of arson.

Deron Gidharry is accused of intentionally setting fire to the house of Wayne Williams who is also a farmer residing at Byelands, St. Andrew’s.

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