Fraudulent activity hit Scotiabank

Over the weekend, Scotiabank has become aware of fraudulent activity at some Automatic Banking Machines (ABMs).

The bank has detected a number of affected local accounts but also assures the public and its customers that it has isolated the activity and an investigation is currently underway to address the issue.

The type of fraud perpetrated is known as skimming, a process whereby fraudsters capture personal information from customers’ cards with the intention of later using that information to access customers’ accounts.

Skimming is a global issue and one which the Caribbean Financial Services Industry is working together to fight.

The security of customer information is paramount and over the time of our operation in Grenada, Scotiabank has established a very strong track record of ensuring the security of our customers’ confidential information. More importantly, we have secured the help of law enforcement officials in identifying and prosecuting perpetrators.

Through our investigation, we have already identified affected accounts and are in the process of contacting those customers. Those accounts have been temporarily blocked and we are reissuing access cards for those accounts. While this action may inconvenience affected customers, it is necessary in order to prevent any further unauthorised access to their accounts.

In light of the current situation, we wish to remind customers to take every precaution when using their Personal Identification Number (PIN). Customers are asked to immediately contact their branch, should their card become stuck in the ABM or if they notice any suspicious activity on their account.

Additionally, we advise that they select unique PINs and passwords for each banking card and that these numbers be memorised and not written down or shared with anyone.

We further advise customers when using their cards to cover the keypad with their other hand or lean in to block the view when entering their PIN so that their details are not captured by camera or by someone observing their actions.

Additional precautions

Scotiabank wishes further to remind customers to be aware of their surroundings when using ABMs and point-of-sale devices.

* Always keep your bankcard in sight during a transaction and NEVER lend it to anyone.

* Regularly check your statements to verify that all transactions have been properly documented. Contact your branch if any discrepancies are noticed.

* Be alert for card readers which may be placed over ABM card slots and door slots as these devices enable perpetrators to capture card data.

* Similarly, customers should be alert to false keypads.

* Examine your surrounding for hidden cameras. If in doubt about any fixtures (mirrors, framed pictures, even plants) abandon the transaction. Cameras may be used to capture your PIN number as you type it.

* If you have any doubts regarding your surroundings, just trust your judgment and walk away.

Scotiabank reiterates its commitment to working with law enforcement authorities to detect and quickly end any attempts at fraudulent activities and reminds customers to be extra vigilant when conducting and monitoring their banking transactions.

(The above was submitted by Scotiabank)

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