Simon Stiell is “a neophyte”

A government spokesman has reacted swiftly to a letter written by former Director of the Grenada board of Tourism, Simon Stiell in which he sought to  berate the Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

The official said that some of the recommendations offered by Stiell could not be implemented due to the financial implications involved. (See Page 19)

Following is the full text of the release that was sent to THE NEW TODAY newspaper:

I have read with interest an open letter published by Mr. Stiell, the former CEO of the Grenada Tourist Board. I think that I have gained a fair insight of his intentions and what to some may appear to be a genuine objective of wanting to make a difference.

However, I was left to ponder and conclude otherwise. What exactly is the true intent of this letter? That intent was revealed sooner than later. The intent was revealed when he referred to the lack of political will as well as his reference to Grenada’s performance plummeting in areas of “economic development, health care, education, social welfare and the list is endless”.

It is true as he says that the time has come to speak out. The elections is nigh and he has to play his true role and reveal his true identity. To the unsuspecting reader, Mr. Stiell would appear to be just another patriotic Grenadian. However, he needs to explain to the Grenadian people, why as an employee of the Government at the Tourist Board, paid from government coffers, he was a member and attending meetings of the NNP Strategy Committee held at Room Number 7 at the Calabash hotel?

Did he not have the sense to know that as a public employee this high level involvement was not appropriate?

These meetings were chaired by Dr. Patrick Antoine and Mr. Steele played a large role. He was in fact seen as the deputy. He clearly continued his role as a senior NNP operative after his active campaign for the NNP during the elections.

Mr. Stiell would not even be employed by Dr. Keith Mitchell if he was in PM Thomas’ shoes. Mr. Stiell was not even appreciative of the new inclusive approach by the NDC. How ungrateful!

Further to suggest that Grenada is being left behind compared to our neighbours as it relates to education, social welfare and economic development is bereft of thought, knowledge and intellectual capacity.

Like many of his colleagues, the thirst for power is so great that all objectivity has gone out of the window. Just as a case in point, Grenada has the highest safety net per capita in the Western Hemisphere. This means that we pump more as a percentage of GDP into safety nets.

Our current educational thrust including curriculum reform, youth and teacher training and school rehabilitation is more than any of our neighbors at this time. Not to mention that it is much more than the NNP government.

The fact is that the race for power is on and the aspirants have to play their role. Nothing is wrong with that except that you should come clear and say what you are up to!

Mr. Stiell omitted to inform the public that his implementation of the planned new Tourism Authority called for the redundancy of all workers. This meant that a sum of 4 million dollars had to be paid out to them and some will be rehired after interviews.

This as everyone knows is difficult to do given the tight financial constraints. Where is the money going to come from? Mr. Stiell did not and still does not care.

Just find it. Then we will have to hire some of the same persons again.

The government decided that it will have to proceed in phases because it did not have all this money now. Mr. Stiell jumped ship. He bailed out. How insensitive? Did he have other ideas? Did he think that by bailing out everything would have collapsed? Did he think that the government would have fallen?

Come on Mr. Stiell. Campaign you must but don’t try to fool people. You are still a neophyte.

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