Shonte wins Postal Corporation poetry competition

Students from the St. Andrew’s Methodist Primary School took the first two positions in the 2012 Grenada Postal Corporation (GPC) Poetry Competition.

Shonte Mitchell and Nishorn Pierre were presented with their prizes last week as part of activities in observance of World Post Day.

Third position Josel Charles from Constantine Methodist receiving prize from Grenada Postal Corporation representative

The third place winner was Josel Charles of Constantine Methodist.

Eighty-one students from thirteen schools submitted entries in the competition, which ran from July to September. It was open to students under the age of 12.

The first prize winner received $300, second carried $200 and the third spot was EC$150.

The monies were presented to the winning students by GPC representatives of on October 11 and 12 as part of the week of activities undertaken by the Postal Corporation as part of World Post Day, which is observed on October 9.

The judging criterion was based on Originality, Diction, Imagery and relevance to topic, which equally carry twenty-five points.

Director of Post, Leo Roberts described the event as one that encourages student to develop their writing skills.

“The competition is undertaken to encourage students to express themselves creatively and at the same time be reward. It will help in developing their writing skills,” he said.

Following is the winning poem that was written by Shonte Mitchell

My Journey as a Letter

Carefully handwritten, neatly prepared
A message from the marker, my content unread
Folded, signed and sealed, everything intact
Nervous about the journey of which I must embark

Handed over at the post, stamped for my trip
I’m hoping my journey will be very quick.
No longer so nervous, new excitement in me
I am packed away with hundreds like me.

Now the time has arrived, the time when we must go
To all different destinations, and that for sure
Now on our way, flown away to new lands
To places we’ll be received with exciting new hands

I’ve finally arrived, so scared of getting lost
Please Mr. Mailman deliver me at any cost
Delivered at the mailbox, a time shortly spent
So quick she came to get me, and then to her room she went

Quickly she opened me and started to read
A smile at my words, so excited indeed
Neatly I was folded again, and placed on her shelf
She must read me again, I said to myself.

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