Resolution to expel 10 NDC members

Peter David – failed to attend the convention

The honour to move a motion to expel five sitting Members of Parliament from the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) fell on the shoulders of founding member of the 25-year old party, businessman Phinsley St. Louis.

The former Minister of Communication and Works, and ex-Member of Parliament for the South St. George constituency walked the distance of 40 yards from the back of the Convention Hall onto the stage at the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) at Telescope to put the motion before the 425 delegates assembled in the building.

Glynis Roberts – last member to resign from the government

“It was with a heavy heart that I have to do this”, said St. Louis who came out of retirement in recent weeks to assist Prime Minister Tillman Thomas in his battle against a group of rebels led by his former Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Peter David.

The former government minister then looked at a piece of paper that he held in hand and then proceeded to read the following:

WHEREAS Article 6 of the Constitution of the National Democratic Congress establishes the Convention as the supreme authority of the party.

Joseph Gilbert – fired by the Prime Minister

WHEREAS the NDC is a political party which exists for the purposes of forming the Government of Grenada through fair and free elections, and to this end has established Parliamentary Democracy as one of its guiding principles.
WHEREAS for the purposes of offering itself to the electorate at the General Elections, the Party must present itself, and to be seen by the electorate to be united, strong, single-minded and ready to serve the people.

Sen. Chester Humphrey – card-bearing member of the Town

WHEREAS service to the people requires an absence of in-fighting, a commitment to service before self, willingness to be a team player and to play by the rules, the non-existence of public displays of hostility towards the Political Leader and other Officers and members of the Party, and respect for the Constitution of Grenada.

WHEREAS the general public has full knowledge of the role and activities of certain members of the NDC in the power struggle that has engulfed the NDC since November, 2010 and which entered a heightened phase in November 2011 whereby open efforts were made to oust the Political Leader from Office.

Karl Hood – resigned from the cabinet

WHEREAS the members and supporters of the NDC have witnessed the conduct and hostile pronouncements of certain elected NDC Members of Parliament, in the Parliament and in a number of public forums, including television, radio and the internet; as well as that of certain other Party Officials and members, all detrimental and damaging to the interests of the Party and adversely affecting its good name and image.

Kenrick Fullerton – resigned from the position of Chairman

WHEREAS all such conduct would normally bring into play the provisions of Article 17 (3) (1-V1) of the Constitution of the NDC, relating to various offences, as may be applicable separately on the facts pertaining to each under-named member.

WHEREAS such conduct would, in normal circumstances, be subject to the Party’s disciplinary procedures involving the laying of complaints and allegations, the finding of facts, the right to a hearing and the imposition of an appropriate sanction, as the case may be.

Michael Church – left the job after he was demoted

AND WHEREAS this Convention of the Party is seized of the urgency and prudence of so addressing its business that it settles, promotes and projects the good standing and image of the Party for the purposes of presenting itself to the electorate at the upcoming General Elections as a united, strong, serious and credible force.

Stanford Simon – acted as Chairman of the party

AND WHEREAS this Convention is satisfied that the continued membership and association of the under-named persons with the NDC will negatively affect the Party’s chances at the next General Elections:

BE IT RESOLVED that this Convention, given the imminence of the elections and the unique circumstances facing the Party at this time, dispenses with the standard disciplinary procedures provided for in Article 17 of the NDC Constitution in relation to the persons named here-under.

Siddiqui Sylvester – served as a member of the Disciplinary Committee

Arley Gill – once held a senatorial position

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Convention declares and affirms that it no longer wishes to be associated with the members named hereunder and decides that it is in the best interests of the Party that the following persons be expelled from the NDC as of this day, September 30, 2012:

(1). Peter David
(2). Joseph Gilbert
(3). Glynis Roberts
(4). Arley Gill
(5). Karl Hood
(6). Kenrick Fullerton
(7). Michael Church
(8). Chester Humphrey
(9). Siddiqui Sylvester
(10). Stanford Simon

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