Petition to re-open Parliament

MP Roland Bhola – we would not call on the people to demonstrate or fight

A petition concocted by the Opposition New National Party (NNP) seeking to force the resumption of Parliament will be presented to Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean this week.

The NNP is seeking to press the Tillman Thomas-led government to re-open Parliament and allow Members of Parliament to debate issues of national importance such as the rising cost of living and the unemployment situation in the country.

General Secretary for the main opposition party and Member of Parliament for St Andrew North-east, Roland Bhola, told supporters during the party’s recent rally at the Roy St John Playing Field that they will not call on the people to demonstrate or fight, but would instead seek 5,000 signatures for their petition to be presented to Sir Carlyle.

The Petition read at the rally by NNP’s Public Relations Officer, Terrence Forrester seeks the immediate reconvening of Parliament.
Prime Minister Thomas last month requested the Governor-General to prorogue Parliament, bringing an end to the 4th Session of the 8th Parliament.

A date for the commencement of the 5th Session of the 8th Parliament is yet to be announced.

One of the several issues to be debated prior to closure of Parliament was a second motion of no confidence brought against the Prime Minister by former Foreign Affairs Minister Karl Hood.

Hood’s motion against the Prime Minister was the second within three months. The first was filed by Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Mitchell.

Hood resigned from the Congress-led Cabinet in May due to what he said was a situation within the Congress that has become untenable and unbearable for him.

His resignation followed on the heels of his refusal to vote on Mitchell’s no confidence motion against the Prime Minister.

With the Prorogation of Parliament, Hood’s motion is no longer valid.

The Member of Parliament for the St. George South-east constituency has served notice of his intention to resubmit the no-confidence motion.

Hood was one of five government MP’s to be expelled as members of Congress at the party’s September 30 annual Convention.

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