NDC membership is growing

NDC General Secretary Bernard Isaac

Newly elected General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Bernard Isaac believes that there is now a rejuvenated confidence in the party that for the past two years was rocked with internal wrangling.

Isaac who was a guest on the party’s weekly radio programme, “NDC Heartbeat” announced that for the past year the NDC moved from a membership base of 1,101 to 1,760 persons.

He admitted that the wrangling in the party created uncertainty for some members, but at the same time the membership got involved for a cause of uniting behind the Political Leader, Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

During the September 30 annual convention of Congress, ten members including the previous General Secretary, Peter David, who is a former Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation were expelled by delegates.

According to Isaac, NDC members and supporters were clearly bewildered with the recent infighting and not knowing what was exactly taking place.

He spoke of people who were original members and remained silent for a while also rejuvenated themselves to ensure that the political organisation was not hijacked by certain people.

Congress members who turned out to both the convention and rally

The General Secretary was making specific reference to Founding Father Phinsley St. Louis, and former Candidate for the Town of St. George, Kent Joseph, both of whom now hold executive positions in the NDC.

Isaac believes the “Solidarity Sunday” that were held by the Political Leader in different constituencies helped to educate the people about the state of affairs within the party.

“The membership is happy and relieved that the division issue is resolved. The confidence in the Political Leader is reaffirmed, the party is very much rejuvenated with the new blood and new, fresh faces,” he said.

Apart from David, four former government ministers were also expelled – Karl Hood (Foreign Affairs), Glynis Roberts (Labour), Joseph Gilbert (Communication & Works) and Michael Church (Foreign Trade and The Environment).

Others who were expelled are trade unionist Chester Humphrey, Travel Service Executive, Siddiqui Sylvester, Religious Leader, Pastor Stanford Simon, as well as former Party Chairman, Kenrick Fullerton and Arley Gill, the former Minister of State for Information and Culture.

Isaac said the members of Congress clearly see Prime Minister Thomas as the embodiment of the values for which the party embraces.

He identified these values as morality and integrity in public life, good governance, respect for law and institutions, and honesty.

He said this is the reason why people are coming forward to give their support to the Congress Party to ensure that these values are kept in politics in Grenada.

The Carriacou-born Isaac who was unanimously elected as the party’s General Secretary during the annual convention almost three weeks ago said his role is to build the organization and to reach out to all of the 15 constituencies.

In addition, he said the task for him is to maintain the link between the party base and the executive of the party as a means of strengthening the various arms of the NDC.

The General Secretary gave the assurance that every member of the party would now be able to partake in the decision-making process and be aware of what is happening in the NDC.

“There should not be any vacuum. The executive should not be operating void the Constituency Branches or the Polling Divisions. Everyone should be involved and partake in the building and strengthening of the National Democratic Congress,” he remarked.

As the NDC prepares itself for the General Elections that are constitutionally due next year, a number of constituencies that are without a sitting Member of Parliament have identified their caretakers.

Isaac said a few constituencies still have to go through the process of legitimising their caretakers and indicated that the process would be done in the coming weeks.

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