NDC looks to Byer to defend south seat

The Executive of the National Democratic Congress congratulates Merle Byer as the choice of Caretaker for the South St. George Constituency Branch.

Merle Byer – takes up the challenge as NDC Caretaker for the South

The South St. George Constituency Branch of the party recently endorsed Byer who is the Manager of L&M Investments as their caretaker during one of the regular meetings.

Byer who is a businesswoman by profession and has been with the party for the past 12 years, serves on the Finance Committee with distinction.

The South Caretaker spoke about being encouraged by the confidence placed in her.

“I am up to the challenge, and I’m very optimistic,” Byer said.
She said she saw the need to fill the void that was left in the party by the resignation of the Member of Parliament, Glynis Roberts.

The Caretaker supported MP Roberts throughout her campaign in the last General Elections.

Byer said the urge also came when everyone felt hopeless with the MP’s resignation, but shied away from coming forward to be the replacement.

She sees herself as being someone who is willing to spend the time needed with her constituents.

She knows that she will listen to what the constituents have to say, and would work for the very best interests of her people and country.

“I am grateful to all the people who called me, all the people who expressed their desire now to go and get registered.”

The Caretaker’s selection came mere weeks after a new Executive Body was put in place for the South St. George Constituency.

The Constituency Branch patiently awaits the decision of the National Executive Council regarding Byer’s candidacy.

The NDC is currently engaged in a process of selecting Caretaker Candidates for the 15 constituencies on the island.

Among the persons who can be considered as possible line-up for Congress in the upcoming general elections are:

Town of St. George – Senator Franka Bernardine
St. George South-east – Randal Robinson
St. George North-east – Nazim Burke
St. George South – Merle Byer
St. George North-west – Vacant
St. David’s – Vacant
St. Andrew South-east – Patrick Simmons
St. Andrew South-west – Sylvester Quarles
St. Andrew North-west – Alleyne Walker
St. Andrew North-east – Terry Hillaire
St. Patrick East – Prime Minister Tillman Thomas
St. Patrick West – Vacant
St. Mark – Dennoth Modeste
St. John – Dr. George Vincent
Carriacou & Petite Martinique – Vacant

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