Marijuana Confiscated at Prisons

Authorities at Her Majesty’s Prisons at Richmond Hill, St. George’s are continuing to battle with illegal drugs entering the compound.

The prison officials were forced to take decisive action last week Saturday when an attempt was made to smuggle in a quantity of marijuana into the prison compound.

An authoritative source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that during the normal visiting hours some 44 grams of marijuana were confiscated from 18-year old Richard Ross of New Hampshire, St. George’s.

The substance that was concealed in both sides of a pair of shoe was allegedly intended for the accused man’s brother, Dwight Ross who is an inmate at the prison.

The illegal drugs were reportedly discovered by a prison officer while conducting a search of items being brought onto the compound by visitors.

According to the source, the Prison Officer recovered the marijuana after removing the soles from a pair of sneakers that he was carrying to the State Institution for his brother.

The marijuana was said to be contained in two plastic bags.
Ross, a landscaper by profession, was taken into custody and handed over to Police Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department who subsequently charged him for the offense.

His brother, Dwight Ross, a resident of Tanteen Terrace, St. George’s is on remand at the prison on a charge of murder.

He is accused of causing the unlawful death of 32-year Richard Sabazan, alias Richard Clement of Fenton Village, St. George’s earlier this year.

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