Ben Peterkin being honoured

Murdered victim Ben Peterkin is being honoured by the La Borie Sports & Cultural Club.

Deceased Ben Peterkin – scholarship launched in his honour

In a Press Release issued to the media on Tuesday, the club announced that Peterkin who died on October 3 is being honoured for “his positive contribution towards youth and community development.”

As a means of remembering the contribution the deceased man made to the community, the La Borie Sports & Cultural Club announced a scholarship award that will be given in his honour.

The Press Release said the scholarship would be awarded to the most outstanding student at the CPEA Examination from within the membership of the club, and students attending the La Borie Mennonites School.

It will comprise a plaque and $1,000.00. The best performing student at the exam will receive this award, which will go towards expenses associated with entering the secondary school system.
According to the Press Release, Peterkin was an ardent community member and was very passionate about kids and the development of the community.

At the time of his passing, he was an active member of the newly formed La Borie Sports & Cultural Club.

Garvin Stewart, Treasurer and Founder of the club said, “Ben was a very instrumental part of the LSCC and dedicated a lot of his time to activities undertaken by the club.”

Stewart also added, “The decision was made after consultation held by the executive of the LSCC, to honour Ben and his dedication and positive contribution to the youth in the village of La Borie and his influential nature to stimulate positive development within the community.

Peterkin was allegedly brutally attacked by Dwayne Francis, alias Chucky, a youth who resides in the same village, and succumbed to injuries sustained during the attack. (May his soul rest in peace.)

Anderson Gibson, President of the club said, “The awarding of the scholarship presents a great opportunity for the kids in the club to constantly strive to be the best. It also gives more reason for their parents to motivate them. The $1000 will certainly go a long way in off-setting the initial expenses associated with entering a new school system. From uniforms, books, school fees and other expenses, most can be covered from this award and the LSCC is extremely proud to offer this scholarship to one of its members who is excelling academically.”

He concluded, “Contributions made by people like Ben should be honored and remembered, as an indication that good will always overcome evil.”

La Borie Sports & Cultural Club has embarked on a number of different initiatives within the community including a vibrant Football Academy which sees over 70 kids coming out every Saturday morning and train at the Se Se Ann Recreational Grounds in La Borie.

These initiatives are part of a long-term plan to develop community spirited, sports and culture in the village. Community members can look forward to a lot of exciting activities in the near future, all of which are geared towards making this dream a reality and raising sufficient funds to construct a resource center/homework club, toilet facilities and changing rooms at the playing field among other projects which will be disclosed as time progresses.

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