Hubbard’s launches new range of Isuzu B-Max

2013 Isuzu D-Max – now on the Grenada market

The local business community has been presented with a new line of vehicle by the Motor Department of Jonas Browne and Hubbard’s (Grenada) Limited.

Four different types of the 2013 Isuzu D-Max Pick-Up Trucks that are manufactured in Thailand were launched at the Motor Department’s location at Mt. Gay, St. George’s last week Thursday.

Managing Director Alan Bierzynski who presented the “environmentally friendly vehicle” spoke of its high-level performance and said that great emphasis went into the technology for the diesel engine of the D-Max.

“The diesel engine from Isuzu is so quiet, has managed to reduce harmful emissions which would damage the environment, produces amazing power for the size of the engine, and coupled with that engine, you have an amazing suspension as well,” he remarked.

The business executive encouraged the local private sector to consider the Isuzu “because it is the best.”

Bierzynski noted that in today’s business environment there is a demand for reliable commercial vehicle, and an increased corporate focus to implement environmental and sustainable initiatives.

Businessman Alan Bierzynski – promoted the Isuzu D-Max Truck

According to the Managing Director, it is almost 50 years now since Isuzu has been refining the pick-up truck range.

He said that for the last three years, Isuzu Pick-Up has had just over 40 percent of the market share in Grenada.

The Hubbard’s Managing Director in commenting on relocating the Motor Division from the Carenage to Mt. Gay said it was not just “to make sports.”

Bierzynski said the vision was to set the stage for the evolution of the Isuzu Brand that the Firm has represented since 1979.

The price of the vehicle ranges from $79,880.00 to $115,000.00.

“We believe Isuzu is going to continue to maintain a significant market position, given the quality of the product and the pricing,” he added.

The first D-Max was introduced to Grenada in 2003.

Bierzynski is confident that the Isuzu Truck can play a pivotal role in a partnership with the banking sector for the revival of the economy.

In presenting to the business community the new 2013 model range of the Isuzu D-Max Pick-Up, he said that that range of vehicle has just over 43 percent of the market share in Grenada.

He noted that the market for new registration of vehicles in Grenada is small as financing of new vehicles has been difficult.

However, the Managing Director said he is hearted by the recent announcement by the Minister of Finance who addressed the need for partnership.

Bierzynski who expanded on the Finance Minister’s statement in an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY Newspaper said that as long as people are borrowing from the banking sector, everyone would do well.

He stated that once there is economic activity in the country, people would need transportation solutions, and the Isuzu Trucks that are available at Hubbard’s are able to partner with both the private sector and the banking sector to achieve the objective.

The businessman indicated that business is driven by the availability of credit, and this is why the banking sector, having announced its intention of making credit available at lower interest rates will provide the opportunity for some activity to commence.

“We are positioning ourselves to partner with the people who are able to access credit,” he said.

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