Police Officer to reach out to Drug Addicts

Sgt. Kenny Smart – reaching out to Drug Addicts

A Sergeant of Police is forging ahead with plans to reach out to drug addicts in the society.
Kenny Smart said he has realised that there is no known drug rehabilitation centre on the island, and with the assistance of a group of medical professionals he is in the process of starting a mobile centre by the beginning of next year.

The facility would operate under the name, “The Positive Changes Services.”

The Police Officer who previously led the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) for 12 years told reporters that the initiative was born out of the devastating effect he has seen on some persons due to the use of drugs.

According to Sgt. Smart, as a result of his expertise and training, it is clear that a habit cannot be broken easily, but with the help and assistance of others a difference could be created in the lives of those who are hooked on the banned substances.

He said that the constant use of drugs have resulted in the breaking up of some families while others have been sent to prison for drug use and abuse.

Stating that the eyes and minds of several persons are focused mainly on the current political situation in the country, Sgt. Smart stressed that he is instead focused on his brothers and sisters who are hooked on illegal drugs.

“So we are asking people not just to focus on the political situation, but to focus on the coming of God,” he added.

Sgt. Smart disclosed that the base of his outfit would be at the Maranatha Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Grand Anse, St. George’s, but the team of people associated with the project would venture into the villages to make different presentations.

A series of programmes would be conducted with the drug addicts and their families at the Maranatha facility.

The targeted group would be identified by those running the drug rehab center from records obtained from RGPF and the prisons.

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