LIME Teams UP With Mt. Moritz Community

LIME and the Mt. Moritz Community Development Organisation have forged a partnership which would enhance the work of the Organisation and by extension Mt. Moritz.

The Mt. Moritz Community Development Organisation has become famous for its monthly “Mt. Moritz Breakfast”, which is held on the last Sunday of each month.

The organisation is also well known for the assistance it provides to children within the community, social events which bring the community together, clean ups, recognition of outstanding persons in the community among other meaningful activities.

One of the mandates set by LIME is that of becoming more of an integral part of the communities in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

According to General Manager LIME – Angus Steele, “We like to be involved in communities and assist in meaningful ways.”

When Steele was appointed General Manager – LIME, just over a year ago he publicly stated that LIME would be more visible and that communities would benefit more from partnerships formed with the Company.

Since then he has met with various organisations in order to fulfil this promise.

Meetings were held with the executive of the Mt. Moritz Community Development Organisation, to identify ways in which LIME could partner with this group in order to make their work even more effective, realise more of their plans and develop new ones.

The Committee welcomed LIME’s offer to partner with them and the relationship is now official. Speaking on behalf of the organisation, Nicholas Harris said “We are pleased to have LIME on board and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship”.

Steele noted that “We will be true to the agreement with the Organisation and we expect this to be a fruitful and lasting relationship.

LIME and the Mt. Moritz Community Development Organisation have signed a three year agreement detailing both parties’ expectations.

The Mt. Moritz monthly breakfast will be held Sunday with a new look, having LIME as a partner.

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