Boating accident to go before the Coroner

Martin Baumont – lost his life due to an accident at sea

A Coroner’s Inquest will most likely be held into the death of an English national following a boating mishap that occurred in the waters of Grand Anse Beach three weeks ago.

Martin Beaumont who was having a swim just outside the Spice Island Beach Resort lost his life on September 9 after allegedly being hit by the propeller of a boat which goes by the name, “Yolo,” that is owned by medical doctor, Michael Radix.

A legal source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that police are continuing to actively investigate the matter, and that a full Coroner’s Inquest would be held in keeping with local laws.

The source who spoke on condition of being anonymous said during the inquest all of the evidence would be laid and the matter would proceed from thereon.

This newspaper learnt that at the time of the incident, the 55-year old Beaumont who resides at Lance Aux Epines, St. George’s was swimming along with his friend, Andrew Peters who also resides at Lance Aux Epines.

Both men were heading towards Quarantine Point, St. George’s when the incident occurred.

Reports suggest that as the swimmers were approaching their destination, the 85HP Yamaha Engine speed boat which was occupied by Dr. Radix and his wife passed over them.

The swimmers were rushed to the St. George’s General Hospital where Beaumont who worked at the University Club was pronounced dead.

Dr. Radix was interviewed by police about the incident at the Coast Guard Base in True Blue, St. George’s.

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