Start of new law year

Father Felix Nnabuchi

Roman Catholic Priest, Father Felix Nnabuchi has appealed to members of the judiciary in Grenada to ensure that there is equality and justice in the society.

Delivering the Homily to mark the opening of the new 2012-13 law year,
the African priest used the words of legendary Jamaican reggae singer, the late Peter Tosh, as he enforced his plea for equal rights and justice from the country’s law and policy-makers.

It was a touching moment as the Congregation comprised of mainly members of the Legal profession listened as Father Nnabuchi sang a portion of the song, “I need equal rights and justice” to get across his message.

The ceremony, which was poorly attended by lawyers, was held Tuesday at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Church Street, St George.

Father Nnabuchi urged members of the legal profession as well as officials of Government to seek God in all they do as he alone can answer their queries and questions.

“Are the people getting Justice”? he asked the congregation, as he took time to again sing some of the words from the Peter Tosh song.

The low-turn out of lawyers was noted by the senior resident high court judge, Madam Justice Clare Henry who expressed disappointment over the failure of members of the judiciary to attend the church service.

The need for God’s guidance was eminent throughout the Service and particularly directed at the country’s leaders.

Two employees at law firms – Jane Chasteau and Hermione Clyne were called upon read from scripts that gave blessings to the nation and its leaders.

Chasteau uttered the following words: “Almighty and heavenly father, as we gather in your presence, we humbly ask that you bless our dear nation and make it true.  Bless our Government and our beloved Prime Minister.  Give them vision and courage as they ponder decisions that would impact the future of our nation.

“Keep our Leaders from making ungodly decisions, but lead them to be righteous instead. Guide our Government Leaders to do only that which scripture teaches,” she added.

“I pray for stability, transparency and accountability in our beloved nation. Convert our country’s patriotism “fever” into a passion for holiness under your banner. Restore Godly principles to our judicial system. Refresh our memory of the spiritual foundation upon which our country was founded”.

“Bless our lawmakers. May they work to remove all legislation that’s contradictory to our Constitution. Give them the ability to make amendments where necessary and the knowledge to create new legislations that would lead this country forward.  May the rule of the law be unprejudiced”.

“I bring before you the Members of the Executive, the Opposition and the Members of Parliament.  Lord protect them, guide them and give them the wisdom to perform their duties and assist the present Administration in making adequate decision to move this country to higher heights.

“May all public officials hold high standards of morals. I pray that you may cover our country with your blood, Lord and grant this country favour.”

The negative trends among young people in the country were not forgotten as Hermione Clyne urged God to take control of their lives.

“Father, we pray for our young people growing up in a unstable and confusing world”. ” Please take control of them and show them that you ways give more meaning to life then the ways of the world, and that following you is better than chasing after selfish goals”.

“We ask you to help them to take failure, not as a measure of their worth, but as a chance for a new start. We seek your guidance in their daily undertakings and trust that they will live by your word, which says – In all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path”.

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