Equipment from South Korea

Grenada’s Ministry of the Environment was the recipient last Friday of new equipment costing US$20,000 from the Government of South Korea aimed at helping in the development of its Coastal Zone Management Plan.

The equipment will be used to facilitate research work that is to be conducted on the South and South-East Coasts of Grenada spanning from Telescope in the east to Point Salines in the south.

Minister Roberts takes receipt of the equipment from South Korea

In accepting the equipment, Minister for the Environment, Glynis Roberts said the donation reflects the strong relations that exist between the two countries and will serve to further strengthen the ties.

According to Minister Roberts, the Ministry of the Environment has placed Coastal Zone Management as a priority area for Grenada, in light of the likely impact of Climate Change on its coastlines, bearing in mind that most of the island’s important infrastructure lies along the coasts.

She emphasised the importance of conducting the relevant studies that will provide information for the development of a Coastal Zone Management Plan.

“The equipment being handed over today is important to provide baseline data for effective coastal zone management and to conduct studies such as sediment-logy and oceanography”, she said.

The Government of Korea’s representative, Sungsoon Yoon who is also from the Korean Maritime Institute said the provision of equipment and training is included in the project plan.

Yoon pointed out that the equipment may not be “enough” but will be “very useful” in developing the Coastal Zone Management Plan.

Four government officials were trained recently in Korea for the facilitation of the project. The officers will be able to train others to use the equipment.

The handing over ceremony also marked the continuation of training in Grenada on the use of the equipment.

One of the trainees, Senior Environment Officer in the Ministry of the Environment, Paul Phillip said the equipment will be used as part of the project’s monitoring programme.

The equipment includes a leveling profiler and Phillip explained that this piece of equipment will be used to collect information such as angles, length and depth of the coast from the beaches.

The Senior Environment Officer added that this information will enable them to determine whether a beach is losing or gaining sand.

The funding is provided to Grenada by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) as part of the Expo Yeosu 2012, which was held in Korea.

The total cost of the project earmarked for Grenada with funding from the South Koreans is US$500,000 and includes technical assistance.

Expo Yeosu, which was held over a three-month period, concluded in August where Grenada had a permanent booth.

The US$20, 000 equipment that was donated to the Spice Isle

The booth design depicted the Marine under water sculpture at Moliniere and generated much interest among researchers, students, tourists and television crews.
The expo was held under the theme, “the Living Oceans and Coast”.

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