PM Thomas takes a different view

A Senior Government Minister says he will not spend one moment more than he needs to in politics but Prime Minister Tillman Thomas disagreed with him.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas

Minister of Youth, Sports and Empowerment, Patrick Simmons, told youth parliamentarians attending a two day Vision of Change Seminar in St George’s that his experience in the realm of politics has exposed him to many things, and that if he was to share his experience with them they will shun politics.

Simmons told the gathering that if they get into politics they may discover that they have something they never knew existed.

“I will not spend one second more than I have to in politics. I also pray that I would not die a politician …  I ask God everyday that please, I don’t want to die being a politician”, he said.

Despite his personal feelings, the Cabinet minister encouraged the aspiring politicians and leaders to be prepared to take on challenges.

Minister of Youth, Sports and Empowerment, Patrick Simmons

Simmons said that the hosting of the two-day seminar comes at an appropriate time in Grenada, when general elections are constitutionally due next year (2013) as the politics give young parliamentarians an opportunity to understand the true meaning of democracy and leadership.

He stated that in his recent reflection on leadership and who is a leader that led him to conclude that anybody who can keep a family together is a leader, as demonstrated by some women who have been able to hold their families together.

It is not clear whether or not the disclosure by the senior government minister is an indication of his participation or non-participation in the 2013 General Election.

However Prime Minister Thomas did not hesitate to voice his difference of opinion to Simmons’ sentiments on politics.

He said he considers himself a soldier working for God in the politics of Grenada.

“I disagree with MP Simmons about politics. I see myself as a soldier working for Christ in the political arena … To say you not getting involved in politics is abnegating your responsibility,” PM Thomas said.

The Congress Leader contended that the problem in politics is a deficit in integrity and while education is important, integrity is key.

“We have some educated folks who will get us in trouble”, he said, adding that all would not be lost if integrity is brought back into politics.

The Prime Minister told participants that governance is important and encouraged them to criticise politicians when they need to.

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