Hood makes another move on the no-confidence motion

Resigned Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karl Hood is seeking an urgent meeting of Parliament to get a debate on his motion of No-confidence against Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his 4-year old National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

Karl Hood – under pressure from his constituents in St. George South-east

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that Hood wants to get the Speaker of the House of Representatives, George Mc Guire to take steps to convene Parliament in the shortest time possible for debate to take place on the motion which seeks to bring down the administration that he had served until earlier in the year.

He said the Member of Parliament for South St. George is anxious to get the motion put onto the Order Paper and has a few options open to him.

He pointed to the need for the embattled MP to secure letters from at least seven other MP’s to present to the House Speaker, which gives support to his request for an urgent meeting of Parliament.

“If seven other MP’s join with Hood to give him a majority of eight then he can approach the Speaker for a Special sitting of Parliament to hear his motion. The Speaker has no choice in the matter but to move to convene this Special sitting of Parliament”, he said.

“As a matter of fact, he (Hood) just cannot say that he has the support of the seven other MP’s. He will have to get seven individual letters from these MP’s to take along to the Speaker. If he does not do that then the Speaker is not mandated to call any sitting of Parliament”, he added.

A prominent member of Hood’s constituency expressed disappointment with the actions of the ex-government minister since he is taking major decisions without any consultation with NDC supporters in the area.

He said: “I have been a supporter and member of the NDC since the party was formed. Mr. Hood has never held a meeting with the party branch in the South-east to inform us of any problem with the government. I challenge him to say where he held any such meeting.

“Mr. Hood is doing all this stupidness and not engaging any of our supporters in the constituency. It is time for him to hold a meeting of the constituency branch to hear the views of the people. Why is he afraid of the people? Karl Hood is really behaving like a little child.

“I, like many people in the constituency do not know anything about this man. I do not even know where he is staying. When I inquired about him recently, I heard that he was staying in some rented place in Red Gate and other people are telling me that he might be staying somewhere in Beausejour (St. George North-west) where he is said to be the Pastor of some church up there.

“People tell me at times, they see him (Hood) driving up Mardi Gras where his ex-wife lives. That is all I know of this man who is supposed to be my representative but is keeping away from us the supporters. “I know of one member of the constituency branch who sent an email message to Mr. Hood, asking him to meet with us to discuss the problem, and up to now Mr. Hood has not responded to that person. Is that the action of a caring MP?

“I know of someone who gave Mr. Hood a few thousand dollars for the campaign in 2008 and the person regret giving this man any money. The person would like Mr. Hood to give him back his dam money for betraying the NDC. This man (Hood) is too selfish to be a representative of anybody.

As Hood makes his moves to try and bring down the Congress government, the Prime Minister is said to be cementing his position within Congress for the September 30 annual convention in which he is seeking to strengthen his hand to select a new slate of candidates for the next general elections.

According to well-placed sources, the South St. George Constituency of Minister of Foreign Trade, Glynis Roberts could be considered as one soon to be counted as pro-Tillman Thomas.

A source said that several of PM Thomas’ supporters were expected to give their support last Wednesday night to Lennox Adonis become the new Chairman of the NDC South St. George Constituency branch at new elections.

Adonis is said to be favoured to replace Peter Spencer who was considered to be a key ally of David who has announced his intention not to seek re-election to the key post of General Secretary of the party.

Minister Roberts is considered to be a prominent member of the pro-Peter David faction of Congress.

David resigned as Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation about three months ago, citing fundamental differences with Prime Minister Thomas and the fiscal policies being pursued by the four year old administration.

The NDC St. George South-east constituency was expected to hold elections on Thursday night to elect a new executive.

A party insider said that former School principal Anthony Parkes was tipped to replace Pastor Stanford Simon as the new Chairman of the branch.

Parkes is known to be a pro-Tillman Thomas supporter while Pastor Simon, the head of St. George’s Baptist Church is aligned to David.

The source stated that small businessman Randal Robinson is at this stage considered as the favourite to get the nod over trade unionist, Elliot Bishop as the most likely person to replace the embattled Pastor Karl Hood as the NDC candidate for the St. George South-east constituency in the upcoming general election.

Both Robinson and Bishop were seen last week in the company of the Prime Minister touring the La Borie and Hope Vale area of the constituency to meet with villagers.

The source said that in recent weeks, Prime Minister Thomas has been able to win over a number of constituencies that were previously aligned to the David camp.

These include St. Patrick East of former Minister of Foreign Trade and The Environment, Joseph Gilbert, St. George South-east, St. Andrew North-west, St. John, St. Mark, St. George North-west and St. Andrew North-east.

According to the source, the pro-Tillman Thomas supporters in South St. George are not fully committed to endorsing Minister Roberts as the party’s candidate for the upcoming national poll.

He said that if Roberts is not given the nod, one person who is under consideration is a prominent civil servant who has reached the age of retirement from the service.

“Let’s see what will happen. All doors are not closed. We intend to take things one step at a time”, he remarked.

The civil servant is said to be awaiting the outcome of the NDC convention before taking a decision on whether to offer himself as a candidate for the party in the next general election.

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