Netherlands Insurance launches “MORE” policy campaign

Chairman of the Netherlands Insurance Company (WI) Ltd, Geoffrey Commissiong

Netherlands Insurance policyholders have “MORE” to gain as the 20-year-old company launches its MORE Motor Insurance Policy Campaign.

The promotion offers private car owner’s benefits that are excluded from the standard Motor Insurance Policy unless added back with additional premium.

Chairman of the Netherlands Insurance Company (WI) Ltd, Geoffrey Commissiong recalled the establishment of the company in 1992 as a subsidiary of a Dutch company that became local in 1998.

The Company, headquartered at Netherlands Building in Grand Anse is licensed by GARFIN to write all lines of personal and commercial general insurance business and is also licensed and operates in Antigua & Barbuda.

Commissiong said that Netherlands Insurance places a lot of emphasis on good corporate governance and prides itself on prompt and fair claims settlements for which it has gained a good reputation among clients.

Netherlands Insurance Managing Director, Richard Strachan

He said that post-catastrophe losses have been exceptionally handled with the Company reaching 66% claims paid by the end of month two following the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

The Chairman noted that Netherlands Insurance is on record as being the first insurance company to pay a claim less than a week after the passage of the destructive hurricane.

According to Commissiong, the company believes in good customer service and has become known for its hospitality in handling clients and the general public.

He said Netherlands Insurance staff has not only been trained in technical areas of insurance but also in customer service skills that is refreshed from time to time.

“Insurance is an intangible product – an agreement on paper. We distinguish ourselves by the way we treat our clients and other stakeholders” he said, adding that Netherlands Insurance has adopted a policy to do more.

“More for its clients, more for its community, more for its stakeholders. The launch today of a motor insurance policy to do more is no exception”, he told the gathering.

Netherlands Insurance employees, policyholders and invited guests at the launch of the “MORE” policy campaign

Managing Director, Richard Strachan, introduced the company’s new campaign and said that, “More, More, More is to offer to our private car owner’s benefits which are excluded from the standard Motor Insurance Policy unless added back with additional premium”.

The three broad areas covered under this new campaign are Windscreen Cover, Roadside Assistance and Loaner Car.

Strachan disclosed that last year, 8.4% of cars failed their annual license inspection because of windscreen safety.

“Even a small chip can be enough to make your vehicle fail. A coconut or stone falling on the windows of the car can also cause damage and windscreens pop mysteriously in the sun. Taking out Windscreen Cover is clearly something that could save money in the long run,” he added.

All private comprehensive car insurance policies provided through Netherlands Insurance include Windscreen Cover as standard, 24-Hour Road Side Assistance in an Accident, Exchanging of information after an accident and then following up with insurance agents who will take all relevant details at the site as well as photos.

Strachan said that the new package offered by Netherlands Insurance caters for any glass of the windscreen or windows broken.

“Your policy includes the cost of replacement (provided there is no further damage to the motor vehicle) up to an amount of $3,000. Your no claim discount will not be affected nor will there be a deductible”, remarked the insurance executive.

Netherlands Insurance will ensure the insured receive a replacement car for a maximum of 14 days following the theft, accident or vandalism of the Insured Vehicle provided it is immobilised, as a result, and, provided it is the subject of an insurance claim under the Insured’s Policy.

In cases of theft or total loss, the car use will end three days following the date of settlement of the Insured’s claim.

The company will arrange towing services with a reputable company and handle the paperwork for both services.

The police will be called if necessary as well as ambulance services if necessary.

Coverage includes a tow up to 15 miles, up to one hour labour service, transportation of vehicle and passengers to home, emergency fuel if the vehicle tank is empty, jump-start if battery is dead, lockout service up to $100 and patch and pump for flat tire.

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