Woman Stabbed in St. John’s

Another intimate love relationship has gone sour as domestic violence continues to be of major concern in the country.

An informed source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper fingers are being pointed at an ex-boy friend of a female resident of Mt. Nesbit, St. John’s.

He said that the suspect allegedly inflicted a stab wound on her last week Friday.

According to the source, the injured woman Deanne Sylvester recently broke off a relationship with her male companion who was living with her.

He said that the woman was engaged in a telephone conversation with the man when they got into an argument.

The source spoke of Sylvester deciding to end the conversation with her former lover who was very abusive to her but promised that she would call him back.

Both Sylvester and her 14-year old son reportedly went outside the house after being alerted by the constant barking of their dog in the yard.

However, the woman was soon accosted from behind by someone who was dressed in black. She was stabbed on the right side of her neck, chest, and upper part of her arms and was also beaten by the then unknown man.

This newspaper learnt that the woman’s son who was scared ran and the assailant gave chase after him.

The youngster is said to have given the police a description of the man who attacked his mother.

The injured Sylvester was rushed to the St. George’s General Hospital by an ambulance and was admitted as a patient.

Within recent months, three women lost their lives at the hands of men with whom they had intimate relationships.

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