Winty Frederick launches PULP

The island’s newest political party, the People’s United Labour Party (PULP) was launched Sunday at the Deluxe Cinema in St. Andrew’s by former parliamentarian, Winston Frederick.

The lackluster affair attracted a small gathering of 20 persons including members of the local media.

Frederick, who served as Member of Parliament for the rural St. Patrick East Constituency in the 1990-95 period in Parliament stood alone on the podium as he delivered a 75-minute address to promote the plans of the party.

Most of the speech were directed at making a plea for PULP to be seen as the alternative to both the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas and the main opposition New National Party (NNP) of former Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell.

As soon as the Master of Ceremony for the event, Innocent Joseph, a former local banker introduced him, Frederick indicated that the PULP was being set up to give hope to the nation after 20 years of questionable rule by Congress and NNP.

He said the new party intends to take Grenada into “a new horizon” and promised to immediately tackle the plight of those traffickers who ply their trade between this island and neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago.

He spoke of a plan to use the abandoned Pearl’s airstrip in St. Andrew’s to airfreight the goods of traffickers by helicopters to both Trinidad and Barbados in order to cut down on wastage from spoilage due to bad packing on the vessels that ply the route to Port-of-Spain.

Although he did not give details, Frederick had told the NEW TODAY earlier that he would be approaching the U.S government for use of its helicopters to transport the goods of traffickers.

The PULP Founder/leader announced plans to do away with the St. George’s General Hospital and to turn the hospital facility at Mirabeau in St. Andrew’s into the island’s main hospital.

According to Frederick, the present hospital is sitting on prime real estate property and he intends to transform it into a major area for tourism development especially attractions and as a place of entertainment for visitors.

The newest political leader in Grenada chastised former Prime Minister Mitchell for getting involved in a series of bad deals over the years including the Grand Beach Resorts affair with grand prix driver Lewis Hamilton on the world famous Grand Anse beach.

He chided the British-based Hamilton who has Grenadian roots with demonstrating a lack of patriotism by asking for “a piece of Grenada” in exchange for flying the flag of the country as a promotional gesture.

Frederick spoke of advancing a number of proposals to Prime Minister Thomas that were aimed at improving the lives of Grenadians but none of them got acted upon by the Grenadian leader.

He cited a plan to start paying civil servants on a fortnightly basis instead of monthly in order to ensure that monies were always in circulation in the economy.

He announced that under a PULP administration, those bus drivers who had to pay ticket fines for running afoul of the traffic laws in the country would be repaid.

Describing bus drivers as people who provide an important role in taking the nation’s workers and children to school, Frederick slammed the local police force for imposing additional hardships on them.

As he spoke during the ceremony, a small banner was seen hanging across the almost deserted street in front of the cinema.

It read “PULP: The winner takes it all”. The banner also depicted a picture of the guava, which was described as the symbol of the party.
It also highlighted the motto of PULP as, “there is no glory being served but only in serving”.

As the small gathering were forced to await the arrival of Frederick nearly two hours after the scheduled start, a DJ hired for the event kept playing a series of Jimmy Cliff hits from the 70’s such as, “Time will tell”, “You can get it if you really want it”, and “Hard road to travel”.

Frederick told this newspaper after the launching ceremony that the next public event of PULP would take place soon to present the candidates to the public.

He said he had invited close to 300 persons to the launch and it was no fault of his that many of them did not show up.

PULP’s Political Leader, Winston Frederick – promises a new horizon for Grenada

Frederick also declined to give the names of the prospective candidates, as well as the persons who are serving on the executive of his party.

The former St. Patrick East MP won his seat on the platform of the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) of late Prime Minister Sir Eric Matthew Gairy in the March 13, 1990 general elections.

Labor insiders have said that Sir Eric was forced to change him as a candidate in the 1995 general elections due to certain indiscretions but Frederick has maintained that he quit GULP after disagreeing with the directions in which the party was heading.

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