More support from Grenada Helping Hands Organisation

The Grenada Helping Hands Organisation (GHHO) is continuing to provide assistance to a group of students who are pursuing their secondary school education.

The six students who are into their fourth year of secondary education were presented with school supplies, and their stipend for transportation for the first term of the school year, which begins on September 3.

The ceremony was held last week Friday at the Grand Mal Community Centre for a scholarship package to the tune of $6,854.00.

According to Augustine Jones, the Local Coordinator who handles the business of GHHO, the organisation is conscious of the challenges being faced by both parents and students due to the tough economic situation in the country.

However, as a means of giving hope to the recipients, Jones encouraged them to follow the motto of the organisation, “Together As One”, stating that if this is done by giving assistance to each other along the way, much more can be accomplished.

He admonished the students to be disciplined in their school life by respecting their parents, teachers, and themselves.

“Stay away from violence, stay away from drugs,” he told the students, while advising them to, “carry yourselves in a manner that people would respect you”.

Awardees of the scholarship programme with members of the group

Jones noted that the agreement the students signed four years ago stipulated that they should remain disciplined throughout their school life.

He said the agreement stipulated that once the student broke any of the requirements, which also includes misconduct and disorderly behaviour, the scholarship would automatically end.
Jones also encouraged the students to set some goals and targets for themselves.

The local Coordinator said he recognised that the school work is getting harder for some students and implored parents to give their children the necessary encouragement and support.
The scholarship is not only limited to providing school supplies and transportation allowances.

Jones said students who engage in extra curricular activities are also assisted with what is required, and also announced that those who want to go beyond the secondary education may also fall in line for further assistance.

“Don’t just see it as secondary assistance, but see it beyond secondary assistance,” he added.

The scholarship awardees are expected to produce at a level of 70 percent.

Member of the organisation, Natalie Sandy called on parents to continue supporting their children since moral support is key because the students cannot achieve by themselves.

She said while the group is giving support to the children by providing them with the school supplies, the parents are expected to work along with the children so that the organisation can reap the benefit of the successes of the students.

The female member of GHHO offered a bit of advice to the students by staying focused and to remain positive.

She stressed that a good foundation is very key, and it is upon this that the future of the students stand.

The ceremony was attended by the Community Development Officer for St. George’s North West and St. George’s North East Constituencies, Jacintha Manwarring who admonished the students to lift their heads above the water as success comes through hard work and dedication.

The programme began four years ago with one student who graduated in the month of June.

GHHO was founded in February 2009.

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