NNP will support the Karl Hood motion

The New National Party (NNP) has signaled its intention to support a motion of No-confidence filed by disgruntled former Foreign Affairs Minister, Karl Hood against Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his administration.

Hood, the Member of Parliament for St. George South-east filed the motion on Friday with the Clerk of Parliament, Ray Donald for the attention of House Speaker, George Mc Guire.

Opposition NNP giving support to the No Confidence Motion

Addressing reporters at a press conference on Monday, the Chairman of NNP, former Deputy Prime Minister, Gregory Bowen said that as “a principled party” the main opposition will offer its support to the Motion of No Confidence which seeks to bring down the Thomas administration.

According to Bowen, who lost the seat to Hood in the July 2008 general elections, it matters not who brings the motion to Parliament, the Opposition NNP will lend its support to the move.

Bowen said that “we are a principled party and will hold that position” despite the timing or move of the motion.

Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Mitchell had brought a motion of “No-confidence” against PM Thomas and his government in May but lost the vote 8-5 with Hood abstaining despite expressing support for the motion in principle while Minister of Foreign Trade, Glynis Roberts was absent.

Two other disgruntled government members – former Ministers Peter David and Joseph Gilbert – voted along party lines with the government.

Bowen told reporters that the latest motion brought forward to Parliament by Hood demonstrates that the NDC members are now seeing what the Opposition NNP has been seeing all along.

Dr. Mitchell in his arguments for the motion of no confidence against the Congress leader said “It is very clear what we have been seeing  … that we are facing a very dysfunctional government that lacks leadership and direction.”

According to Mitchell’s motion against Prime Minister Thomas, “since the installation in 2008 of the National Democratic Congress Government, led by Prime Minister, the Hon. Tillman Thomas, Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique has experienced disastrous economic outturns which consistently worsens with time, with devastatingly painful consequences for all Grenadians”.

The motion accused PM Thomas of encouraging internal division and strife within the Government such that by its own admission there is complete and utter disunity within the Cabinet and that for the past four years he has been unable or unwilling to curb the division and strife such that the situation continues to deteriorate at an unabated pace.

In an interview with Broadcaster Godfrey Augustine on the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) on Monday, the former senior government minister justified his decision to bring a motion of no confidence against PM Thomas and his four-year old government.
Hood said that one of his biggest regret is that he did not follow his heart and resign from the NDC government last December after returning home from a visit to Jamaica.

The St George South East MP said that while he respects Thomas as a man, as an individual, he believes that Thomas has “poor leadership qualities”.

He said what is happening in the NDC is a travesty, and accused the Prime Minister of being used and abused by some persons close to him.

Hood said that he cannot sit idly by and watch what is taking place within the Congress-led government without saying a word on the happenings.

He charged that the people who appear to be the Prime Minister’s closest supporters are in fact his worst enemies. He did not elaborate.

However, the Peter David faction within Congress has been pointing an accusing finger at Finance Minister Nazim Burke and Information and Mobilisation Minister, Senator, Glen Noel as the trouble makers in the Cabinet.

Hood made no bones about his grievances within the Congress-led Government during his contribution to the 2012 Budget of Revenue and Expenditure in which he disclosed that he did not support all that was contained in the Budget Presentation.

He said then that all is not well within the government and he wished that the clock could have turned back three and a half years.

Hood has also expressed the desire to have his seating in the Lower House changed, however (Actg)) Clerk of Parliament denied that any such official request was received.

Donald confirmed that Hood’s motion of no confidence was received by the Parliament and that it is currently in the possession of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, George Mc Guire.

A date has not been set for the next sitting of Parliament, which was in recess for the month of August.

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