Motion is the work of ‘imposter and disgraced Pastor’

Women of the Congress Party – unhappy with Karl Hood’s decision

The Women’s Arm of the NDC notes with grave concern, the recent actions of the MP for the Constituency of South East St. George, who rode to prominence on the NDC Ticket and wish to register our utter disgust with the decision of this uncaring, heartless back-bencher.

This action is callous, ill-advised and disruptive. We are therefore convinced that this MP never had the interest of Grenada nor his constituents at heart and is driven by selfish motives and vengeance.  How despicable for a man-of-the-cloth.

At this time when Grenadians are still basking in the glory of our Gold Medalist Kirani James; when there is hope of new and exciting co-operation with the Government of China for the rebuilding of our Athletic Stadium which will help to inspire many more young Olympians, this back-bencher has chosen to work against the people of Grenada and to bring about instability in our Nation.

We the Women of the NDC send a very strong word of caution to all those who intend to destabilise our country and our Government.  We stand resolutely behind our Government and Prime Minister and will do all in our powers to ensure that all detractors are unmasked and exposed.

As Women, we feel the pain more than most others in society. Therefore we will not sit idly by while uncaring vultures seek to destabilise our Government and our country, paving the way for unscrupulous politicians, with their sordid track record of over 13 years in Government, to regain control of our state resources.

We are conscious of the reckless past of those, whom the mover of this No Confidence Motion currently serves and we will never allow them to wreak havoc on our Blessed Nation again.

We the Women of the NDC denounce the actions of those who seek to bring this current Motion. We abhor the fact that an MP would take our Votes and use it against our duly elected Government.  We sternly denounce this act of treachery.

We therefore call on all peace-loving Grenadians to Register to Vote.  Remember that your Old ID Card does not enable you to Vote in the next Elections.
Women of Grenada, encourage your households to register. You must be re-registered in order to Vote in the Next Elections.

The NDC Women’s Arm calls on you to register to Vote.  We must prevent those vultures from gaining access and control over this Nation’s assets.

For love of Country – For Peace and Continued Stability – For Integrity in Public Office, we the Women of the NDC emphatically denounce this No Confidence Motion brought by this imposter and disgraced Pastor who is now working assiduously to destabilise Grenada.

We call on him to look within his heart, call upon his maker, then repent and do the decent thing.

May God continue to Bless Grenada.

(The above was submitted by the Women’s Arm of the National Democratic Congress)

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