LIME continues to support education

Jorginho Lett – a GBSS Graduate who is one of the two recipients of the LIME Scholarship for TAMCC

Telecommunications provider, LIME continues to demonstrate its corporate responsibility by adding 13 new students to its Scholarship Programme that is now into its 21st year.

The new group of students was among seven other groups that was recognised last week Thursday during an awards ceremony held at the Grenada Trade Centre Annex.

Arnold Felix – graduated from SDCSS with 11 CXC Passes and now has the opportunity to further his education at TAMCC

General Manager Angus Steele who addressed the ceremony said the support is to enable the students on their journey in becoming better persons, better assets to the country, and better individuals in the world.

Steele spoke of education being a pillar of life, and LIME has invested over $1.5m.

He also cited the education process as being part of the Tillman Thomas agenda in the development of the country.

Kizzy Christopherr – graduated from TAMCC with an Associate Degree in Social Sciences

The LIME General Manager applauded government’s efforts in enhancing education by providing 85 acres of land at Hope, St. Andrew’s for a future campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI).

“Government’s provision of 85 acres of land in Hope towards the realisation of a UWI Campus in Grenada to join the other campuses of Trinidad (and Tobago), Barbados and Jamaica is one we should applaud, “ said Steele who attended UWI.

Shirwyn Roberts – one of the 2012 Graduates with ten CXC Passes

The local LIME boss believes that a university campus in Grenada would provide easier access to students who want to obtain a university degree.

The Grenada Government became the contributor of the third largest parcel of land to the UWI for the construction of a campus.
The documents for the land were presented to Vice-Chancellor of the UWI Professor E. Nigel Harris by Prime Minister Thomas.

Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean informed the students that there is no success without labour and reminded the awardees that the scholarship is intended to enhance their educational development.

He also told the parents that they too have a responsibility that is being neglected which results in the under-performance of the children.

As part of the awards ceremony, two males were provided with assistance to further their education at the T. A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

The two who were chosen from among the 2011 graduates are Arnold Felix, a graduate of the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School, and Jorginho Lett who attended the Grenada Boys Secondary School.

Felix was successful in the 11 subjects he wrote at the CXC Level, while Lett obtained passes in all of his ten subjects.

Felix told the ceremony that hard work was responsible for the scholarship that was awarded to them.

He acknowledged that while they are not the best students academically in Grenada, LIME saw the dream and hopes in their eyes from the time they were first interviewed to be recipients of the scholarship.

Over 300 students have benefitted from the LIME scholarship programme, which began on September 1, 1991.

The programme provides books, school uniforms, transportation and exams fees, and in some cases lunch, school fees, and stationery items for students.

The recipients are selected based on their potential to do well at the secondary school level, financial needs and merit based on a joint venture between the Ministry of Education and LIME.

The nomination of the students was forwarded to the Ministry of Education from the principals of the various primary schools.

The names were short-listed by the Ministry of Education, which then submitted a list of recommendations to LIME.

Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Eunice Sandy-David described the telecommunications contribution to education as being a partnership with the students, parents and the ministry.

Bearing in mind the economic constraints that all organisations are challenged by, the PS Education invited the scholarship recipients to show their appreciation to LIME for sustaining the efforts.

Sandy-David indicated that access to educational opportunities is now provided through the free school books programme from September 2008, and the universal secondary education for all eligible students.

Coordinator of Youth, Kevin Andall who also spoke at the LIME Scholarship Programme Awards Ceremony believes the programme has given hope to the hopeless, and has changed the lives of many in a direct and indirect way.

Andall encouraged the students to pursue their dreams in an effort to accomplish their goals, adding that life without a dream is no life to live.

“Hold on to your dreams, continue to dream, but continue to work hard to accomplish those dreams,” he said.

The Youth Coordinator also admonished the parents to put the necessary structures in place so that the enabling environment is created in the home for students.

The new batch of LIME Awardees

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