The Karl Hood no-confidence Motion

Karl Hood – filed a non-confidence motion against his former government

Details have emerged in Grenada about the Motion of No-confidence filed by former Foreign Affairs Minister Karl Hood in his own National Democratic Congress Government.

THE NEW TODAY has obtained the copy of a letter dated August 24, 2012 that Hood sent to the Clerk of Parliament for the motion to be brought before the House of Representative for debate among Parliamentarians.

It is styled, “ No Confidence Motion in the name of Karl Ignatius Hood, Member of Parliament for St. George South East Constituency”.

In the letter to the Clerk, Ray Donald, Hood indicated that he was writing “pursuant to Order 26 of the House of Representatives Standing Orders” in order to get “the motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister” on the Order papers at the next sitting of the House of Representatives.

“I request,  therefore, that the Motion be set down upon the Order Paper for the next sitting of the House and that the requisite notice to members be accordingly sent”, Hood told Donald.

Following is the full text of the motion:

WHEREAS the current ADMINISTRATION, after being in office for more than four years, has failed to fulfill its promise to implement programmes that were marketed to deliver economic and social development to the people of the State of Grenada.

AND WHEREAS as a result of the dismal mismanagement of the economy, unemployment has risen to astronomical levels which fact has been correctly cited by the Minister for Finance in a recent interview as his main concern, poverty among the disadvantaged social strata has increased and the current ADMINISTRATION demonstrates its gross inability to pursue policy initiatives to attract fresh investments into the productive sectors of the economy.

AND WHEREAS the economy of Grenada under the current ADMINISTRATION has experienced disastrous economic outturns which consistently worsen with time, which said outturns have themselves resulted in increased social and economic pressure on Grenadians at all levels such that there is now a lack of public confidence in the ability and capacity of the present administration to reverse that trend with its devastatingly painful consequences for all Grenadians.

AND WHEREAS the current ADMINISTRATION took the unprecedented and ill-advised step and presented and passed the 2012 Budget in March 2012 without any or any proper Financing Plan, on the promise to the Parliament and people of Grenada that it would present a proper Financing Plan for the said budget within the next 3 months;

Karl Hood being welcomed by the NNP supporters at their rally earlier this year

AND WHEREAS the failure of the current ADMINISTRATION to live up to the said promise to the nation and the inability of the current ADMINISTRATION to meet its monthly pension, salary and wage commitments in a prompt manner in the most recent months has given further cause for the business community to have no confidence in the current ADMINISTRATION

AND WHEREAS the current ADMINISTRATION continues to also demonstrate its incapacity to construct and pursue a Foreign Affairs Policy that would optimise the economic and developmental opportunities that could be derived therefrom and redound to the reduction of the national debt and the consequent enhancement of the quality of life of Grenadian citizenry.

AND WHEREAS the current ADMINISTRATION has failed to realise its grand plans of infrastructural development as central to the creation of quality employment especially among technically-oriented youths has only aided in increasing poverty, hopelessness and distrust among the youthful population of the country.

AND WHEREAS in consequence of the foregoing there is no reasonable hope of any improvement in the state of affairs of the country in the near future under the current ADMINISTRATION and Grenadians continue to suffer and to lose hope leading to grave uneasiness on the part of salary and wage earners regarding the satisfaction of their financial commitments to banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions to whom they are indebted leading to societal breakdown and a sharp increase in domestic violence.

AND WHEREAS the current ADMINISTRATION is now in crisis and it can no longer rely upon the unequivocal support of 4 of the 11 original sitting members of Parliament leading to the inability of the current ADMINISTRATION to pilot basic legislation including bills for the running of the affairs of the country which situation is very unlikely to improve.

AND WHEREAS on account of the crisis the current ADMINISTRATION has increasingly had to place reliance on unelected, hand-picked Senators, who do not have a constituency, to form its Cabinet of Ministers and to run the affairs of the state while sidelining the democratically elected Members of Parliament thus leading to the people’s voices being ignored.

AND WHEREAS this crisis in the current ADMINISTRATION can only deepen the economic, financial and social crises in the country
BE IT RESOLVED that this Honorable House supports this Motion of No Confidence in the current ADMINISTRATION lead by Prime Minister, the Hon Tillman Thomas
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Honorable House calls for the immediate and consequent dissolution of Parliament so that fresh general elections may be held within the shortest possible time.

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