Call for Hood to resign as MP

Supporters of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC)  government are planning to picket the home of their embattled Member of Parliament, former Foreign Affairs Minister, Karl Hood.

A prominent party member in St. George South-east told THE NEW TODAY on Monday that the supporters “are real mad” with Hood for taking a unilateral decision to file a motion of no-confidence in Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and the government.

He said that the MP took the decision on his own and never consulted any of the executive members of the constituency branch.

MP for St. George South East Karl Hood – upset NDC party supporters

He spoke of members giving serious consideration to mounting some kind of protest action including a possible picket of Hood’s home.

According to the official, the disconnect between Hood and his constituents is so great that no one knows where their MP is actually living.

He said that since Hood left his rented quarters along the Calivigny main road, no one can say with any degree of certainty were to find him.

“We have heard all sorts of reports. Some say that he is living in the Tanteen area in a house close to (Senator) Chester Humphrey while other people say they heard that he moved to a house somewhere in Red Gate.

“This man (Hood) is not in touch with the Constituency. I know people have been trying to contact him even by email and he is not responding to their messages. We don’t know anything about this man in the South-east.

The constituents reportedly met on Saturday night at the Marian Multi-purpose Center to discuss the motion of no-confidence as filed by Hood against Congress.

The following statement was issued:

“Pursuant to an emergency meeting of NDC village Groups within the St. George South East Constituency held earlier this evening, the following statement was agreed upon for immediate release to the press.

“We the supporters of the National Democratic Congress throughout the St. George South East Constituency wish to publicly disassociate ourselves from all recent actions of MP Karl Hood — from his 2012 Budget presentation in the Parliament to the present filing of a motion of no confidence in the Government.

“The constituents of St. George South East have expressed shock, horror, dismay, disgust, disappointment, embarrassment and anger at MP Karl Hood’s perceived unpatriotic, childish, spiteful, uncaring and bitter behavior within recent times.

“In light of the above, we the supporters of the NDC in St. George South East hereby declare that we have lost all confidence and trust in MP Karl Hood, since his words and actions do not represent the will and wishes of the constituents, and we further call for his immediate resignation as MP for the Constituency of St. George South East”.

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