River Sallee Community Refurbish Hard Court with $30,000 from Digicel

Digicel’s Country Manager Patricia Maher with members of the group

Residents of the River Sallee Community in St. Patrick’s are rejoicing over the refurbishment of their hard court with financial support having been provided by telecommunications provider, Digicel.

After receiving an invitation from the committee led by Pastor Dave King, to consider the refurbishment of the court as a community project, Digicel’s Country Manager Patricia Maher, and Marketing Manager Kirk Seetahal made a site visit to ascertain that the $30,000 being requested would be money well spent. They were convinced that the project was both necessary and sustainable and proceeded to give the necessary support.

“River Sallee’s community has enjoyed Digicel’s bigger, better network and been supportive of the company,” said Maher. “So it is time Digicel supports the people with a newly improved lighted hard court for all to enjoy”.

As a result of the voluntary work of the men and women of the community the hard court is now awaiting the installation of the lighting equipment which would make it fully operational.

Pastor King who leads the team expressed his gratitude for Digicel’s generous donation to the community.

“This is what can be achieved is testimony to what can happen when a community and the corporate sector work together. This is ultimately the product of the hard, voluntary work of the men of this community.”

Project secretary, Annemarie Edwards assured the Digicel team that “a local committee would be put in place to ensure that the beautification and maintenance of the facility for many years to come.”

Today the youth of the River Sallee community and the surrounding areas now have a place to play their favourite sports of basketball, netball and tennis because Digicel, the bigger, better network gave back to their community.

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