PM pleased with 2012 Carnival

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas – greeting carnival spectators

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has extended congratulations to all winners of Carnival 2012.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the work of the Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) and applauded the “creativity” displayed by calysonians, mas bands, steel bands and other stakeholders during the season.

“Our Carnival brought out a level of creativity and splendor that continues to attract visitors from various countries of our region and different parts of the world. It enhances our country’s marketability and is a good marriage between our tourism product and our cultural expressions,” the Prime Minister said last week Thursday.

Prime Minister Thomas welcomed the “unprecedented involvement of the private sector” in partnership with government in the staging of the 2012 Carnival.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas – embraced by a carnival masquerader

He also expressed his admiration for the quality of calypsos rendered at Dimanche Gras and the “intricate design” of costumes paraded through the streets of St. George’s on Carnival Tuesday.

“The way people use the artform, whether it’s through music or costume, to express themselves and to address issues in society, is a demonstration of the openness and freedom of our society,” the Prime Minister, who enjoyed front row seat at Dimanche Gras, commented.

He commended the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) for “doing a great job in keeping the peace during this busy period,” and recognised the outstanding conduct of the patrons at the various events.

“I think everyone played a great role in ensuring a safe period, especially during the Carnival season,” the Prime Minister said.

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