Driver charged with Bigamy

A former bus driver on the Willis to St. George’s route is being hauled before the court on a charge of bigamy.

Dennis Dunstan Lewis is accused of entering into a second marriage without being divorced from a first marriage arrangement with a woman who lives in the North-eastern part of St. George’s.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper understands that Lewis who resides at Tempe, St. George’s allegedly committed the offense on August 6.

A confidential source told this newspaper, the 51-year old former bus driver who is currently unemployed was married with his first wife for the past 14 years, but they separated four months ago.

The source who spoke on condition of not being identified said that Lewis did  not divorce the first wife before entering into another matrimonial arrangement.

After moving out of his wife’s house, Lewis allegedly went to live with the person with whom he has now married and got married to her in violation of local laws.

Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Criss-Ann Greenidge told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that this is a very rare case to come before the court and the offence carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

Greenidge said that a person who knowingly enters into a marriage with someone who is already married is also guilty of a misdemeanour.

The punishment is two years imprisonment, a $4,000.00 fine, or both.

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