Scholar creates history

Calypsonian Scholar – secured seven crowns as a calypsonian

Another piece of history has been created in Grenada with Calypsonian Scholar becoming the second person to win the National Calypso Monarch Title for a seventh occasion.

Scholar and Ajamu are the only two local calypsonians to achieve that feat.

The Chantimele bard took the crown on Sunday night during the Calypso finals that formed part of the Dimanche Gras show held at the Grenada National Stadium at Queen’s Park.

The two songs that got the nod of the judges were, “No Boundary” and “Naked”.

Scholar’s craftiness of the two songs was laced with humour despite the serious message of the conflicts arising in the country because of colours.

Randy Isaac’s sterling performance landed him another second position

His presentation depicted acts of violence against him by people affiliated with gangs in the country using a signature colour as well as the two main political parties – the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) identified by the colour yellow and the main opposition New National Party (NNP) identified by the colour green.

The charismatic performer was forced to remove the different shades of clothes worn by the rivaling gangs in the country until he got tired of being bullied to change his clothes and he opted to remove all his clothing and to walk naked instead.

The catchy refrain, “ah walking naked, just as how me mother make me, naked ah born and is naked ah rolling” could be heard from miles away as thousands of spectators joined in singing the chorus.

His other presentation of “No Boundry” also received tremendous support from patrons as he outlined some of Grenada’s social ills such as violence and the boundary delimitation agreement signed between the Government of Grenada and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago one year after Congress came into office in 2008.

In a telephone interview with The New Today Newspaper from his home in St. Andrew’s on Wednesday, Scholar said it is a great feeling to win the Calypso Monarch Title for the seventh time.

The Teacher/Calypsonian recalled that even before he had one crown in his name, Ajamu already had five, and by the time of winning his first crown in 1996, Ajamu had six under his belt.

Top female performer Woman Police Officer, Keturah George took the third position

“It was sort of mind boggling to think about seven crowns, and today here I am with seven crowns. There is a feeling of real deep satisfaction that everything I promised, every potential has been fulfilled,” he said.

Not only has he won the Calypso Monarch, but he also wore the crowns of Independence Monarch, Soca Monarch, and Groovy Monarch over the years.

The seven-times Calypso Monarch believes a lot of factors have contributed to his success including a commitment to never giving up when he first entered the race in 1993.
Scholar noted that from 1997 to 2004 he went through a lean patch when he did not win anything, but stuck to it.

The Calypso Monarch attributed King Ajamu as someone who played a part in his success.

According to him, Ajamu inspired him in 1993 to go forth after listening to him during a recording session for his independence song at his studio in Mama Cannes, St. Andrew’s.

“This is always something that I remember because when I started singing in 1993, the first song I ever went to record was by Ajamu in Mama Cannes… Ajamu called me through the glass and he told me come, and when I came to him he said, “boss you real bad, little feller, you would win a lot of crowns here. So he actually saw it, he prophesied it in 1993 and those were words that I have never forgotten,” he remarked.

Scholar won the national titles in 1996, 1997, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.

Although he is uncertain about the future, the seven-times Calypso Monarch is certain that he would continue writing songs as the need arises.

He said while he has the feeling that there is not much he has to achieve or prove, calypso is in his blood and he just cannot stop writing.

Scholar said when he writes he just feels the urge that he has to sing what he has written.
“It is more than likely that once I write, I would be singing,” he said.

The road march title is the only crown that has evaded Scholar in his career.

The Chantimelle, St Patrick resident scored a total of 496 points to win the landmark crown – 12 points ahead of his closest rival Randy Isaac.

Scholar defeated the reigning Carnival Queen Pamela “Pam” Courtney who was forced to settle for the 9th position with a score of 445 points.

Randy Isaac’s sterling performances of “Focus” and “Social Focus” placed him in the second position with 484 points.

Top female performer Woman Police Officer, Keturah George who was recently embroiled in a legal dispute with Sean Niles “Sour Serpent” over copyright entitlements for her competing song, “Police Brutality” and “No Misfits” took the 3rd position. She scored a total of 482 points.

The other positions are as follows: (4). Black Wizard  (469), (5). Sheldon Douglas (464), (6). Teacher Eddy (458), (7). Quako (457), (8). Shortpree (456), (9). Pamela Courtney (445) and (10). Sour Serpent (427).

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