Police Welfare Association provides assistance

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has once again invested heavily in the welfare of the children of Police Officers.

Police Commissioner Willan Thompson and PWA Chairman, Inspector Randy Connaught with some of the awardees

For the past 20 years the RGPF through the Police Welfare Association (PWA) has been providing scholarship grants to successful students of Police Officers who are entering secondary school.

This year the association has provided grants in excess of $20,000.00 to 42 students who were successful in the first ever Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment Examinations Commissioner of Police Willan Thompson who officiated at the ceremony for the first time since assuming the leadership role of the RGPF charged the group of students to be steadfast in their studies.

Commissioner Thompson said the challenges for the children would be great as they would come under peer pressure.

He admonished them to concentrate all their time, effort and energy on their school work and other school-related activities as they prepare to face the challenges that may meet them.

“Do not allow your friends to get you side-tracked into things that would not be beneficial to you,” he said.

Commissioner Thompson also advised the students who have come from poor parentage to not allow this to be an inhibited factor to their education.

He told the students if they would lift themselves and their family out of poverty, one of the best ways in doing that is by having a “good education.”

The top Cop provided the ingredients of success as being steadfast in the work, hard work, and being discipline.

He said once they work and study hard they would find that their ultimate dream would be accomplished easier.

He also indicated that the likelihood of even receiving a scholarship would become a lot easier.

The Police Commissioner addressed the critical role of the parents in their children’s educational success.

He said it is being noticed that the females excel while the males fall back, and urged the parents to ensure that the boys perform as well as the girls.

“If your children are going to succeed, you must be there for them at all times,” he stressed.

Commissioner Thompson also spoke of a sad state of affairs as it relates to the grants.

He said while the PWA is investing in the welfare of Police Officers’ children, he has had complaints in the past that the money provided in the scholarship grant does not always reach the children.

“I want to urge parents to let the money reach down to the benefit of the children. It is intended for them, it is intended to help them with their education and I trust it would be used for that purpose,” he said.

Each of the 42 students is being provided with approximately $450.00 as part of the scholarship grant.

Chairman of the PWA, Inspector Randy Connaught spoke of the importance of education in the society by referring to it as being a liberation through the investment being made by the parents of the children.

Inspector Connaught provided the students with some words of wisdom.

He said while they have exhausted the education process at the primary level and are now moving on to new challenges of the secondary school, it is important that they hold the power in their hands to move forward and succeed with due diligence and dedication to their duties.

“The choices you make would be very important from hence forth and you must now cultivate the habit and yearning to persevere, and to have that willingness to succeed,” he said.

The Police Inspector also advised the students to set life-long objectives and goals as this would determine the role they can play in the society as they move on through the education period of their life.

He said that as children of Police Officers, they represent a wider society.

The PWA Chairman spoke of the students representing a noble bunch of men and women who have been dedicated to their task in ensuring the safety and security of the State of Grenada.

Like Commissioner Thompson, Inspector Connaught urged the students to take their studies seriously since their progress would be monitored.

“Ensure that you maintain the highest level of passes within your exams, the highest level of conduct, and to be dedicated at all times to the task ahead. Remember through hard work you would only succeed,” he said.

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