RGPF to step up on acts of domestic violence

Commissioner of Police Willan Thompson – the murders are very uncharacteristic in the country

Commissioner of Police Willan Thompson has commanded the men and women under his charge to ensure that they are properly appraised of the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, Number 19 of 2010, and are fully aware of their authority under the Act.

In a brief address to members of the media last week Thursday, Commissioner Thompson said since domestic violence has been criminalized, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) shall ensure that provisions of the Act are stringently applied by Police Officers.

He said the RGPF would have to become more vigilant in regards to all matters of domestic violence.

The Police Commissioner described the murders of three women over an eight-day period as being horrendous.

He said it is observed that all three murders were allegedly perpetrated by men.

Commissioner Thompson said violence of that magnitude is very uncharacteristic in Grenada.

He said the society must find ways and means to prevent incidents of that nature to reoccur.

The island’s top Cop believes that person who are in abusive relationships should get out permanently and seek counseling.

He also believes that neigbours have a responsibility to help curb violence in the home.

“Often times neighbours are aware of those situations, and in the spirit of good neighbourly behaviour, I suggest that where possible, neighbours should help find a solution before those situations take on national significance,” he said.

File photo of Police Officers

Commissioner Thompson said despite how trivial those matters may appear, they should be reported to the police.

At a media briefing two days before the Commissioner’s Press Conference, Head of the Community Relations Department, Cadet Officer Rebekah Jones described the incidents as being “crime of passion.”

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