RGPF shares concerns about domestic violence

Grenada is being plagued with an increase in domestic violence.

Office of the Community Relations Department – receives complaints of Domestic Violence

Officer in Charge of the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), Cadet Officer Rebekah Jones said they have seen an increase in the reports of domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

Jones who was at the time addressing the media last week on the recent murder of the two females said that could mean an increase in the actual offense, and it also could mean an increase in the awareness of women knowing that they must not tolerate that type of behaviour.

“We have had a reasonable increase in the number of reports as it relates to domestic violence so we have a lot of work to do as a whole in addressing conflict and abuse in the home,” she said.

Without exaggerating, the CRD Head said her department would see couples with domestic violence on a daily basis. However, she said there would be few reports coming from the men.

The senior police Officer said 80 percent of the time women would rekindle their relationship with the man after having been abused and violently attacked by him.

“The man comes and he says darling, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’ll never do it again, I’ll go and get help, I’ll go and get counseling,” she said.

Jones said women have to get to the point when they would have to accept that their partner is violent and they need to stay away from him.

It is widely believed that most of the women who are abused are dependant on the man for their economic survival.

However, the CRD Head said most of their investigations do not reveal such.

“Maybe the man may want to use that for his frustration, but at the time it does not appear to be one of the reasons why (he decides to abuse her),” she said.

Jones said the police is now upbeat about investigating reported cases of domestic abuse and violence.

She said it is now history when Police Officers would turn a blind eye to these reports on the basis that the couple would reunite in their intimate relationship.

“I have not heard of that over the last ten years or so. So that is some serious history. Our Standing Order instructs us to deal with every report of that nature, and we ourselves have seen the consequences when we fail, or whenever we have failed in the past to address calls and reports of that nature,” she said.

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