Another Minister enters the political race

Oswald Roderick McBurnie, the leader and establisher of GUPM

A new political party has emerged in less than one year before Grenadians go to the polls in the upcoming elections constitutionally due in 2013.

The Grenada United Patriotic Movement (GUPM) – The Alternative, last week Monday was officially introduced to the local media as the newest political party in the country.

Oswald Roderick McBurnie, the leader and establisher of the party considers the GUPM as the alternative party to take Grenada forward.

McBurnie said that for the past 28 years two main political parties have dominated the country, however the level of discontentment among the population over the past 13 years shows a need for another political party. He said Grenada needs a party that will not just talk, but take action.  He said  that his party would campaign on the watchword – Truth.

“We believe there is the need for a new brand of politicians … A brand of politicians that would not just want to get into power by any means necessary”, he said going back to the NNP will be back to the same, and staying with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) even if the party is realigned with a new slate of candidates will be staying with a party that is “too slow, too crawling”.

GUPM Caretaker for St George North-West Constituency, Oswald Peters

He said that he has been working with a small group of people for the last two months to put structures in place, organizing the party’s constitution, which he claim is 75% complete, and so is their manifesto. He said that presently GUPM is putting together a demo-manifesto that will be published by September of this year highlighting what Grenadians can expect from the party.

GUPM’s motto is “Sacrifice Before Self” and according to McBurnie the party’s main focus will be agriculture, health, education and implementing local government.

He said GUPM would consist of “ordinary” people capable of running a government and the party’s colour is purple. GUPM leader said the party’s symbol has not been finalized.

McBurnie said that he has been ordained as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus, a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with more than 28 years of experience in Grenada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The New Hampshire resident said he would be the party’s candidate for St George North-East, a constituency presently represented by Nazim Burke of the ruling Congress government.

He said that by the end of August most of GUPM’s candidates should be in place. According to the political leader “Burke is a good person” but believes that he has not done a good job in representing the people of the Constituency.

McBurnie was joined by his caretaker for St George North-West Constituency, Oswald Peters of Beausejour, St George. Peters, a businessman who owns World Type Mobile, is the future candidate for St George North-West Constituency. Former Prime Minister now Opposition Leader and Parliamentary Representative, Dr Keith Mitchell has been the parliamentary representative for St George North-West Constituency since 1984.

To become a member of the party each person is expected to deposit $500.00 into an account under the name of the Constituency they will represent.

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