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Dwight Sampson – don’t expose your body

Young people who are looking at participating in this weekend’s carnival celebrations are being advised to exercise self-control and respect in their behaviour.

While addressing a press conference last week, Member of the Alliance of Evangelical Churches (AEC) Dwight Sampson admonished young people who are tempted to participate in the carnival activities to do so in a respectable way.

While the AEC is not promoting carnival revelry Sampson reminded the young people that their bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

“Don’t expose your body, don’t dress naked, don’t use this opportunity to behave… wild and wassy in the street, don’t over use alcohol, do not experiment with drugs… At the end of the day you have your dignity, you have your self-respect, your have your value, you have your morals and ethics,” he said.

Sampson also warned against indulging in pre-marital sex.

He said such behaviour can result in a life-time of problems for them.

“Sex is a very spiritual thing, it was created by God for the institution of marriage,” he said.

Second Vice-President of the AEC, Pastor Devon Rachae who also addressed ludeness on the streets said the Church is not saying that carnival is fun.

“We are in complete opposition to revelry in that kind of way… What we are saying is that there are different avenues in which young people can, in fact, have fun and enjoy themselves,” Pastor Rachae said.

Pastor Rachae said people who venture into relationships at this time of the season for short-term conveniences and pleasures can cost them their lives.

Men’s Coordinator of the AEC, Pastor Alpha Stafford believes the level of ungodliness becomes worse every year.

Pastor Stafford said the nation needs to know that “the voice of God is speaking to us.”

The Men’s Coordinator is baffled over the quality of songs that receive air play on the various radio stations.

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