The country has recorded another murder in less than one week, bringing the toll to nine.

The body of Marsha Cherman of Pearls, St. Andrew’s bearing multiple chop wounds was discovered on her stomach underneath a blue tarpaulin late Monday night outside of her dwelling house.

Numerous chop wounds were visible on the left side of her head, neck and both hands.

Cherman’s living companion, Isaac Gilbert, a 45-year old, is accused of committing the offense which Head of the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), Cadet Officer Rebekah Jones described as a “crime of passion.”

There are reports that Cherman’s son was awaken when he heard the confrontation taking place inside the house.

The child who is a teenager saw his step-father reigning blows on his mother with a cutlass.

The youngster allegedly pelted a deodorant bottle at Gilbert before escaping from the house seeking help from the police.

Gilbert allegedly surrendered himself to the lawmen mere hours after Cherman’s body was found.

A post mortem performed on the body concluded that she died as a result of hypovolemic shock due to multiple lacerations to the body.

An informed source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper the couple were experiencing domestic problems for a period of time.

The source who does not wish to be identified said Gilbert, a truck driver, accused the 33-year old Cherman who is a domestic worker of bringing a man to attack him.

Jones who briefed the media on the killing confirmed that the couple had sought mediation from the police.

She said the RGPF is encouraging complainants and victims of domestic violence to visit the various Police Stations to reports acts of violence that are being committed against them.

Jones said in many instances people fail to follow up on their complaints of violence and abuses in order to pursue the full course of justice.

She said the last two murdered victims had reported acts of violence to the police but did not continue with the process.

“It’s a problem where we have the victims start the process, we encourage them to continue by all means and then they decide that they should not continue because they would ‘make up.’ You normally would find this in crimes of passion where family is involved,” she said.

This is the fourth woman to have been murdered for the year.

Meanwhile, the past week has been a busy one for the lawmen of the Eastern District.
The murder in St. Andrew’s comes on the heels of a 16-year old student from Conference, St. Andrew’s who committed suicide over the last weekend.

The student died on Sunday after he allegedly drank gramoxone the night before.

He was rushed to the General Hospital where he died.

Two other incidents at what is known as the “Cow Pen” at Grand Bras Estate, and at Beauregard engaged the attention of the police.

The incidents have left two persons nursing stab wounds.

Police are on the hunt for the persons involved in the incident at the “Cow Pen.”

A “Water Fest” at Beauregard has left a 16-year old nursing a stab wound on the left side of the chest.

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