NDC Women’s Arm is constitutional

NDC Women – championing the cause of women in Grenada

A motion adopted at last week’s meeting of the National Executive of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has overturned a decision that was taken last month to regard the elections of officers on the Women’s Arm as null and void.

A source close to the political party told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that at the meeting which was attended by the Political Leader and Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, a decision was taken to allow all the constituency branches to have their elections in time for the Convention that is now slated for September 30.

The source said with the decision taken to allow constituency branches to have elections, a member of the Women’s Arm raised the motion that was successfully accepted by the executive.

This newspaper learnt that attempts were made to disrupt the meeting.

There are reports that two members who are linked to the dissident group of the NDC: disgraced Minister of Works Joseph Gilbert and the Assistant Public Relations Officer Ralph Lord, moved a motion for the Political Leader, Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke and former chairman Senator Glen Noel to apologize to them for saying those who went to the La Tante fun day on July 8 were hungry.

In counteracting the motion Burke called for another motion to be adopted for Gilbert to apologize to the Political Leader for referring to him as a “Golden Calf.”

The source accused the Acting Chairman, Stanford Simon of not being impartial.

The source said at one stage Simon attempted to play down the motion brought by Burke, but members pressured him into allowing persons to vote on it.

In the end Burke’s motion was accepted.

The source believed that the dissident group came with a plan since they opted to walk out of the meeting when they realized they were not having their way as “most of their people” were not at the meeting to vote for them.

This newspaper learnt that at one instance Gilbert who is the Parliamentary Representative for St. Patrick’s West attempted to physically  attack Prime Minister Thomas during the meeting.

“He wanted his motion to be adopted but nobody bothered with him. That man has a hatred for the Prime Minister and we need to pray for our Leader,” the source said.

Concerns were also raised about why Simon allowed the dissident members to file the motion before the start of the meeting since it was not an agenda item.

“That motion should have instead been taken under the item, ‘Any Other Business’, “the source said.

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