Huggins gets into modern technology

Patricia Maher, Laurence Duncan and Richard Menezes signed the contract

Modern business is now conducted using e-mail, instant messaging, mobile phones and videoconferencing along with traditional landline services.

The reality is that with the widespread use of mobiles, the workforce has also become very mobile, alleviating a host of problems and gives us the ability to be easily reached, having ready access to information resident at the office while at the same time keeping costs manageable.

The demands of the traditional and modern communication methods are very different and not readily brought together but it is vital for this convergence to take place to improve collaboration among co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers.

Digicel, the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications provider recognized very early the growing needs and demands of modern business and embarked on offering a unified communication solution which brings the fixed line assets and wireless and mobile assets together at the PBX and beyond.

George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd., one of Grenada’s leading private sector companies with 13 locations around the island and a diversity of business, took the decision last year to ensure that they were in a position to reap the benefits of enhanced reachability and improved productivity while controlling costs, when they invested in an IP PBX from Cisco, the leading supplier in Unified communications equipment as well as a Motorola Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) all provided through Digicel Grenada Limited.

This solution allowed the company to effectively manage its calls – incoming and outgoing, provide a one number service to customers while enabling intelligent call routing – that is instantly differentiating a mobile call from a landline, all by bringing the wire line and wireless services together in a seamless manner.

“Businesses are always trying to find ways to do more with less and especially in the current economic downturn,” said Patricia Maher, Digicel Country Manager. “With these latest technological innovations, we are helping to make communicating and collaborating more efficient for our business customers helping them stay in touch with their increasingly mobile workforce at the most affordable costs.”

The solution is the first Motorola multi point connection installed by Digicel in Grenada connecting all departments of George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. to the corporate headquarters located at Grand Etang Road, St. George’s.

The departments include : SwiftAir Cargo Handlers – Maurice Bishop International Airport & Frequente Industrial Park;
Automotive Division – Maurice Bishop Highway, St. George’s;
Foodland Supermarkets – Kirani James Boulevard & Market Square, St. George’s;
Pharmaceuticals Division – Kirani James Boulevard, St. George’s;
Office Services Division / Color World / Shipping Division / Shore Excursions / Customs / Human Resources – Carenage, St. George’s;
Agostini Insurance Brokers (G’da) Ltd. – Scott Street, St. George’s;
Farm & Garden – Corner. Gore & Halifax Street, St. George’s;
Distribution Division & Petroleum Division / Foodland Prepack – Mt. Gay, St. George’s;
Grenville General Store – Jubilee Street, St. Andrew’s.

The company made this bold move when they were looking to replace their outdated PBX with a more effective and efficient communications system.

Today their PBX features include single number dialing, single voice mail, conference calling, hold and transfer and short number dialing all linked to their Digicel provided Smartphones.

George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. has been served by DIGICEL mobile since 2005 and with Digicel’s roll out of Business Solutions for the corporate world, this step was the natural progression for the company.

The Chairman Richard Menezes and Director Laurence Duncan, signed the contract with Digicel’s Country Manager Patricia Maher in August last year initiating the order of the state of the art Cisco equipment.

A year later, the Board of Directors at George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. can attest to the improved call quality and productivity which has been achieved as a result of the solution.

Recently appointed Director Anya Chow Chung expressed the Board’s satisfaction with the savings and said, “the installation of our new PBX system has done wonders for our inter departmental efficiencies and connectivity. The reduction in telecommunications costs we have realised since implementation is indeed encouraging. Our company thanks Digicel management and staff for their excellent service and commitment to value which we have thus far enjoyed.”

George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. no longer has to pay high commercial line rentals for all their locations and has reduced the number of unnecessary lines for the business. The company has kept its primary advertised numbers which connect seamlessly with the new internal system from Digicel.

In addition to the fixed monthly cost savings, George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. enjoys further savings on their recurring costs by using Digicel as the gateway for all their calls – local, regional and international.

The Country Manager said she is delighted to see the full implementation of this Unified Communications Solution at George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd.

Maher said “Digicel Business can save companies up to 65 percent on their PBX costs as well as bringing leading edge technology to their businesses thus improving productivity.”

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