NDC’s Hillaire plans to make history

Terrie Hillaire – history would be created

A former National and Windward Islands Cricketer has accepted the challenge to be the face of the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Constituency of St. Andrew’s North East.

The candidacy of Terrie Hillaire was launched last week Sunday during a mammoth rally at Tivoli, St. Andrew’s that was attended by Prime Minister and Political Leader Tillman Thomas along with other members of the party hierarchy.

The Cricketer/Businessman is confident of creating history by being the first person to win that rural constituency on an NDC Ticket.

“I know that we can win and we will win the seat… History would be created in St. Andrew’s North East,” Hillaire told the rally.

He expressed his appreciation for the trust and confidence the people of the constituency has placed in him as their caretaker.

Hillaire told the rally he subscribes to the core values and principles upon which the NDC was founded.

He said there can be no sympathy for those who no longer wish to subscribe to those core values and principles.

While he expressed his disappointment in some politicians becoming deceitful, Hillaire spoke of his political leader being a perfect role model in the field of politics.

“For me there is no better role model than Hon. Tillman Thomas as a Political Leader,” he said.

The Political Leader who embraced Hillaire as a member of his team said he is pleased to accept the newcomer.

He reiterated Hillaire’s commitment that history would be created in the constituency, recognizing that the NDC has never won that seat in its 25 years of existence.

“We have never had a sitting NDC MP in the Parliament but this time we’re going to have an NDC sitting Parliamentarian for the first time in the North East,” he said.

He assured the people that the party is putting in place a cohesive team of candidates for the next General Elections.

Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke described Hillaire’s endorsement as another step towards the victory that is expected.

He said the “right people” are being prepared to represent the party in the next General Elections.

He confirmed that the only people who can genuinely call themselves NDC are the people who are committed to the core values of the party.

“We feel confident… that we would form the next government,” he said.

Hillaire received solidarity messages from two of the three other St. Andrew’s-based Constituencies.

Housing Minister Alleyne Walker believes that the people of St. Andrew’s North East have made a good choice of candidate.

Walker promised to provide Hillaire with the necessary support in enabling him to become a Member of Parliament.

He said he is convinced that the people of Grenada want the NDC to remain in Office.
However, Walker admonished the people to have faith in the government despite the economic challenges that is being faced.

“The government would not have money to do everything.  As the economy affords us we’re trying our best to share the little that we have so that the majority of people in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique could benefit,” he said.

Walker said there are two kinds of government in the country. One that can only run the country when money is plenty, and the NDC that can run the country in time of crisis.

He said following the passage of Hurricanes Ivan and Emily, the American Government provided $42m for housing to be administered to the people of Grenada by the New National Party Government.

However, the Housing Minister said at present a lot of people are still in need of assistance.

Aaron Seetahal who represented the Member of Parliament for St. Andrew’s South East Constituency Patrick Simmons said the members of the Constituency Branch are proud to be part of the endorsement rally of Hillaire.

Seetahal commended Hillaire for his dedication, commitment, bravery, and for accepting the challenge to champion the cause of the NDC in the Constituency of St. Andrew’s North East.

He said St. Andrew’s North East stands ready to assist its sister constituency in its efforts to win the seat.

“Let us all bond and band together to champion the cause of the National Democratic Congress to keep the flames of the torches of good governance, accountability and transparency alive and vibrant in our country,” he said.

Seetahal urged all of the 15 Constituency Branches to vigorously work together for the importance of keeping the Tillman Thomas-led administration in office.
Support for Hillaire also came from the Women’s Arm of the NDC.

President Jennifer Simon-Rapier committed her organization’s support for the new comer and the rest of the NDC team.

Hillaire, who received his early education at Tivoli Roman Catholic School, is a graduate of the Grenada Seventh-Day Adventist Comprehensive School.

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