Magistrate Gill sends a warning

Magistrate Tamara Gill – taking a firm stance on law breakers

People with criminal minds are being advised to change their modus operandi for the festive season.

Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill has given a commitment to be tough on accused persons who would come before her on charges relating to the use of offensive weapons.

Magistrate Gill who presides at the St. George’s Number One Magistrate’s Court said on Monday if she has to ram the prison with offenders she would do it as she is not tolerating behaviour with the use of weapons.

The senior magistrate made the pronouncement while adjudicating in a case involving two men from St. George’s who were engaged in a fight at Melville Street, St. George’s last week Saturday.

Elisha Patrice who is a fisherman from Cherry Hill, St. George’s, and Desmond George were charged by police for fighting in a public place. They both pleaded guilty.

An additional charge of being in possession of an offensive weapon: to wit a knife was slapped on Patrice.

Elisha Patrice – to pay the court $850.00

Patrice told the court he uses the knife to clean his fish.

Both men who said they are friends admitted to Magistrate Gill that they had consumed alcohol before they engaged in the fight.

The magistrate told the men she is not tolerating any fights and advised them to let their partners know that she would not be tolerating any violence.

“Spread the word. For this season I am not tolerating any violence,” she told Patrice and George.

They were each fined $350.00 for the fight, while Patrice was fined an additional $500.00 for the knife which the magistrate ordered to be confiscated.

In default of the payment they would spend three months in prison.

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