One leg man jailed

Everton McMillan – had in his possession a dangerous weapon at a night club

A St. Andrew’s man who has one leg and has to make use of a pair of crutches to assist him in walking has been given a four-month prison sentence on Monday by Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill.

Everton McMillan pleaded guilty to a charge of an offensive weapon after being in possession of a cole steel.

McMillan was picked up in the early hours of Saturday by members of the Criminal Investigation Department during a police operation at Club Temptation in La Mode, St. George’s.

A search of the 39-year old unemployed resident who lives in St. Andrew’s revealed the weapon in his left pocket while being on the dance floor.

Attorney Francis Paul who mitigated on behalf of McMillan told the court the previous day his client was pursued by a young man from Willis, St. George’s and had to be rescued by some villagers.

Paul said that confrontation relates to the ongoing feud in the St. George’s North East area.

According to the lawyer, McMillan has relatives in Beaulieu and Boca and as a result he frequents the area.

He said because McMillan had witnessed what had taken place when the chopping incident took place last month in Willis, he has been targeted and constantly troubled by young men from the area.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no end to the ongoing feud in the St. George’s North East area although the police have been making regular visits to the villages there.

One day after high-ranking police officers who are attached to the Central Division of the Royal Grenada Police Force paid a visit to Beaulieu, St. George’s, a member of the community was attacked.

A bus operator from the Zone 7 route complained to the police that the individual who was a passenger on his bus was chopped by an unknown individual.

The bus operator said that in the process his bus that operates between Willis and the Town of St. George was damaged.

A source told The New Today Newspaper the chopping took place Friday night when the bus stopped at Beaulieu junction to drop off another passenger.

The source who does not wish to be identified said that as the bus was about to move off, the unknown individual approached the vehicle with a cutlass and started chopping the young man who was sitting at the back of the bus.

The feud among young men from the neighbouring villages began last month, and so far four persons have been charged with grievous harm.

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