Franka wages war on Peter David

Peter David – attempted to shut the voice of the women

General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Peter David could likely feel the wrath of Caribbean Women coming down on him over his pronouncement of declaring the election of Officers of the party’s Women Arm null and void.

Last month, the women’s group elected a new executive body that is now led by hairdresser, Jennifer Simon-Rapier after the group did not have an election for the past three years.

However, at an Executive Meeting of the NDC, David declared the election to be null and void on the claim that there was not a fair representation from the 15 constituencies.

In reacting to the move being made by David, Education and Human Resource Development Minister, Senator Franka Bernadine said she was tremendously disappointed with the move made by the General Secretary.

However, she said he has touched the wrong cord.

“The women in Grenada are neither asleep nor willing to be stomped out by the arrogance of one or two ladies,” she said.

“I am dying to open this up to the Caribbean so that the Caribbean women could stand together and understand. This is a coming together of a group of women,” she added.

Sen. Bernadine who was a guest earlier this month on “Sunday’s With George Grant” said for the first time, since being a member of the National Executive, a group of women have come together to organize themselves.

She quoted the former Secretary of the Women’s Arm as disputing David’s claim that there was not representation from all the constituencies.

According to Sen. Bernadine there were over 70 women from all Parishes except St. Mark’s and Carriacou at the meeting that took place at Wesley Hall on Lucas Street, St. George’s.

She said she has already written to the Acting Chairman of the party, Stanford Simon registering her concerns.

“I would like to see the General Secretary … say to those 76 women which we should really bring back right in that same meeting right in that Wesley Hall where we had that meeting and let him tell them ‘You are null and void’”. You would hear such a cry coming from Jamaica right down to the Caribbean. You can’t just wipe women out that way,” she said.

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