Another new face in the NDC lineup

David Hillaire gives his son Terrie his blessings

National Democratic Congress (NDC) continues its search to present a different team of candidates to face the polls at the next General Elections that are constitutionally due in the next 12 months.

Prime Minister and Political Leader Tillman Thomas said his party wants to have a team of committed and dedicated people for the upcoming general elections. He was at the time addressing the endorsement rally of Terrie Hillaire, candidate for St. Andrew’s North East
“As a political party we need to have a cohesive and united team going into the elections. We would be misleading the people if we pretend that we are united and we’re not. We have to be sincere and honest, and therefore, we have to make changes as a political organization,” he said.

The NDC Political Leader disclosed that there is an attempt to “seize the brand of the NDC.”

However, Prime Minister Thomas said the brand and the value of the NDC go hand-in-hand.

A section of the mass of people who came out to support Terrie Hillaire

“Those who do not share the value cannot really take the brand… We must make it loud and clear, the brand of the National Democratic Congress is not for sale,” he said.
The Grenadian Leader said a true NDC would never frustrate or oppose the reorganization and the re-energizing of the Women’s Arm of the NDC.

Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke said as the party prepares the “right people,” key candidates and key caretakers are being identified in important areas.

“We have selected people of integrity, we have selected people of decency, we have selected people who are committed to the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance,” he said.

He said several months ago many of the NDC supporters were concerned about the future of the party.

Burke said many people wondered whether the government would survive, while there are those who wondered if Thomas would remain the Prime Minister of the country and the Political Leader of the NDC.

He said the seeds of doubts were sown by people within the party.
“They led you to believe that the Honourable Tillman Thomas was not deserving of the leadership of our country. They were trying to lead you to believe… that Tillman Thomas was a dictator…that he had no concern for the people and that we need a change,” he said.

Burke said the people always decide who their leader would be, and the only way this can be taken away from them is by the use of guns.

On March 13, 1979 guns were used by a group of people led by Maurice Bishop to topple the duly elected Eric Gairy Government.

He said those who are opposed to the Prime Minister and the “real NDC” are getting increasingly nervous and desperate.

Burke who is the country’s Finance Minister spoke out against those Parliamentarians who did not support the Amendment to the Insurance Act last week Friday.

Two government back benchers, Michael Church and Karl Hood joined the four opposition members to vote against the amendment.

Burke said he saw ignorance and mischief get married that day in the nation’s Parliament.

Hillaire joins Sen. Denneth Modeste and Sen. Dr. George Vincent in representing the constituencies of St. Mark’s and St. John’s respectively making it three new faces that have so far been presented as members of the “New NDC Team.”

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